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Why does America and Britain want to get rid of Bashar Al Assad?

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    Because Assad is in their way. The real reason why the US and Gulf monarchies want him to be ousted is because his policies are not in line with the interests of the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar. Assad became close to Iran and Russia. There is a project of a pipeline that would increase Iran's revenues if built. There is rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia in the region. There could be other reasons but what the media tell people about Assad being a villain is just a pretext. On a bigger scale, the policy of the US is to hamper the development of regional powerful nations that have independent foreign policy and are not US allies. It is called the containment policy. The US wants to remain the only superpower.

    Why does the US want to contain Iran? Because Iran jeopardizes the security of Saudi Arabia, a key ally of the US in the Middle East. An alliance with Saudi Arabia is important because the US doesn't want China to have access to Saudi oil. Saudi Arabia's population is more than two times smaller than that of Iran. That is why Saudi Arabia is one of the top arms buyers. The Assad family is no less autocratic than the Saudi royal family but the US is not criticising Saudi Arabia.

    The question why Assad who received education in the UK is seen as an enemy in the West is difficult. One theory is that Assad is seen as a secular leader, and the US is pursuing a policy of supporting Islam-oriented regimes in the Middle East (Arab Spring), the US wants to remove pro western secular dictatorships to replace them with Islamist dictatorships. Look at Libya, Egypt, Tunisia. Even in Turkey, Erdogan is not exactly a secular leader. Google for his views on secular state.

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    Probably the same reason they wanted to get rid of Hitler 70 years ago. He is not a nice guy by anyone's standard. In fact he is a bloody dictator.

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    I dont know other than as with Libya, Yemen, Iraq, they are convinced that the leader is no good and they will benefit financially if they overthrow the current leader. But it is more complex than that. Here are a couple of links that may explain.

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    He is a bad man who does bad things.

    Do you think all those people are fleeing Syria just to get the free stuff in Germany ??

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    He's a snake in the grass, just like his father, Hafez.

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    Leaders in the USA are sick sadistic psychopaths who enjoy killing and torturing. Syria looked easy.

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    Well it is Thursday and there is nothing on TV. We're just bored is all.

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    so they can decide who will run Syria for America, just like the shaw of iran was picked by America

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    He evolves around the same ethics as the terrorists like ISIS

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    Because he is a bloodthirsty totalitarian dictator who has used WMD on his own people.

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