Why do people think that the cowboys gonna do terrible without dez?

I'm mean he's great but he don't represent the whole team because there's talent all around. Especially the eagle fans thanking this game is in the bag which really isn't. We got Terrance Williams,witten and Beasley who can run good slots. We also have this new wr from Oakland named butler. As long as Romo and that oline stays healthy we be fine. Just like the eagle fans before they played Atlanta, they expect to blow them out in the Georgia dome but they lost. The falcons is a better team than last season.

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    People just think that because Dez is always playing and for the most part, has played every game in his five-year career. Before his injury last weekend, he had played in 75 out of a possible 80 career games since entering the league in 2010. During his rookie season that year, he played in the first 12 games before fracturing his fibula in his right ankle during a Week 13 matchup v.s. the Indianapolis Colts. He required surgery the next day, ending his first year as a Cowboy on IR.

    In 2011, he only missed one game (Week 2 v.s. San Francisco) due to a bruised thigh.

    Since then, Dez had played in all 16 regular season games during the last three season from 2012 to 2014.

    He's now hurt again after breaking his fifth metatarsal on his right foot last Sunday v.s. the New York Giants.

    Most people think he'll be out somewhere in between 6-10 weeks. Some have even said it might be around 12. No matter how long he's out of the line up, the Cowboys will have to adjust their offensive gameplan every week.

    I don't believe the Cowboys will struggle without him. Romo and company were still able to have success passing the ball on Sunday without #88 catching passes. Dez's injury opens up more more opportunities to other players such as 2nd-year man Devin Street, who will now become the starting wide receiver opposite Terrance Williams. Jason Witten, Cole Beasley, and the running backs will have to make up for some of Dez's production. Running back Lance Dunbar and tight end Gavin Escobar will see their playing time increase and will be targeted more often.

    I personally believe that they will still have a great passing attack. With an elite offensive line protecting him, Tony Romo will still have many weapons around him to succeed through the air. If the Cowboys can regain the rushing attack they had last season, that would make the passing offense even deadlier as more defenders would load the box, giving Romo more one-on-one matchups on the outside.

    The Cowboys looked great without Dez on Sunday, and I expect that to continue as the season goes on. Even with their Pro Bowl wide receiver out for a significant time, expectations have not changed for the 2015 Dallas Cowboys.

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    The loss of Dez Bryant will hurt the Cowboys, but in no way will I call them 'terrible.' Yeah, they escaped the Giants, but that shouldn't be a shock; that's what divisional rivalries can bring. There are more weapons available on the Dallas squad (Jason Witten most notably), so it's up to the rest of them and Tony Romo to produce the goods.

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    The Cowboys would be 0-1 if the Giants didn't give the game away.

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    Yikes. Somebody call CSI. The english language has been murdered.

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    When a team losses a weapon like that, it takes them time to adjust, some manage it, some don't,

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