What do you think this future be holds?

From now until 2100 wat do you think the future beholds?

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  • 5 years ago
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    World war 3 starts between India and Pakistan,

    War ends with a large scale destruction in Asia,

    Bigfoot is discovered ,

    North Carolina and South Carolina become one Carolina,

    2nd Korean War,

    Puerto Rico joins the U.S. ,

    All cars go electric ,

    the polar ice caps melting, reducing the land

    size greatly,

    Torrential floods ,

    A colony on Mars,

    Desertification of all of Asia ,

    California sinks into the ocean ,

    Volcano erupts in Yellowstone, destroying most of the Midwest,

    Earthquake in Nashville ,

    An alien invasion, causing mass destruction,

    The human race will be enslaved for several years until another alien race fights back to save us ,

    The development of underwater cities and farms,

    Extinction of all land creatures except for pets,

    Cities begin to rise out of ocean as the water levels subside,

    Earth is deemed unsuitable for life,

    People are transported to Mars by spaceship where there are are air domes,

    Interstellar travel is now possible,

    New planet similar to earth is found far away,

    People move yet again,

    Billions of new life forms are discovered,

    Apple develops the iPhone 2689 with a time traveling feature,

    Now a newly developed world, the new earth goes to war with a nearby alien planet,

    Earth wins, allowing a second planet to be colonized,

    Tours are give back to earth as a tourist attraction,

    People return to barbaric ways when prisoners are punished by being placed in area with giant alien monsters,

    Life of contiues on,

    In the year 2100, the universe will end in a fiery inferno of death :)

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Faster internet speeds, more advanced computers, and better medicine. Hopefully more people will learn to live and let live too.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    More 10 year old kids calling everybody fags

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