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Why does it hurt more for my BF to follow slutty girls on IG then to have caught him watching porn?

The day I saw my BF following all these boob butt naked slutty accounts I was so heart broken and insecure my thought was, am I not enough for him is that what he wished he really had? It was bad for me that I have low self esteem and really love him. Anyways he unfollowed all of them but did it again to get back at me a few months later, again he took them off and promised to not do it again. I find my self always having a perception of him being "that" guy that if I wasn't looking he'd constantly be liking and following those nasty accounts. However, a few weeks ago I was going to google something on his phone and I saw his pages were incognito to porn :/ anyways I was a little upset mostly cuz he always denied doing that, but I wasn't as bothered as I was with all the Instagram stuff. Obviously it did cross my mind, why does he need that if he had me ? Anyway what I'm really confused about is why am I more bothered by Instagram when porn is like legit watching a naked woman in action? As opposed to just seductive women on Instagram? Help? Anyone else with this problem? And advice ?

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    I don't know-- I would guess that porn feels more anonymous, like some far away fantasy that isn't a threat. He doesn't announce to anyone that he's watching it. IG is a public "following" and it's showing all his connections what he finds sexually exciting. So you know what he's looking at.

    That being said-- guys like porn and smut, and unfortunately, it's so readily available these days that it's becoming commonplace. In the old days, you'd have to buy or rent a video and watch it at home. Now it's all in your face.

    Incidentally, generally speaking, a guy looking at porn/smut has little relation to his feelings about you.

    My BF was really into porn when we first met (even though he was always super-hot for me and I knew it). It bothered me, but over time, and the more time our relationship grew, the less it bothered me and the less he watched it. I often found myself suggesting we watch it together but he had lost interest.

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    Because when you follow women on sodial media, you can actually reach out to them and message them and talk to them, they are more real and contactable than porn stars on videos.

    they are not so anonymous and if your bf charming, rich or cute he can actuqlly develop something with them.

    I dont think its the same as porn, to me its cyber cheating flirting and following those women.

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    I know how you feel. My boyfriend used to watch porn and used to look at women naked in like magazines and that. But, he has stopped. If you haven't realised already... You're jealous... I am SO jealous of my boyfriend for Skyping his friend more than me, but I am slowly learning to live with it.

    I suggest asking your boyfriend WHY he does this? Why he looks at other women when he has you.

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