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How is it like living in Chicago? Is it more like Atlanta or NYC?

I know the winters are brutal but I'm used to that. I'm wondering are there safe affordable areas, race diversity, culture and good food? I've lived in both Atl and NYC and it was easy to make new friends in both, get a decent job and get live in a pretty safe neighborhood with abundant nightlife, singles and progressive minded people. I was wondering if Chicago has those same attributes. Because I heard Chicago has a lot of crime but so does Atl and NYC and the people are reserved and stick to cliques so it will hard to make new friends? I would be satisfied with NYC but the COL is very expensive and Atl is too spreaded out due to sprawl and lackluster public transportation and bad schools. Is Chicago a better choice than both these cities? Answers from people who have lived or visited all three cities, please. Thanks.

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    Your question is long and complex, but I will try to answer a few things about Chicago (not the suburbs, which are quite different).

    1. There is little "race diversity" in Chicago as the kumbaya idealists would like. Chicago's housing patterns are segregated, and it is considered one of the most racially segregated cities in the USA. The ONLY neighborhood that has remained "diverse" [and "progressive"] is Hyde Park. All other "diverse" neighborhoods are merely in the process of racial change.

    2. The violent crime rate is extremely high in the "hood." Otherwise, it is no higher than anywhere else.

    3. It is no harder nor easier to make friends in Chicago than in any big city. YOU will have to seek out groups or venues to meet others.

    4. The COL is higher than Atlanta: a typical one-bedroom apartment in a relatively safe neighborhood will be AT LEAST $1000/month, possibly twice that in the best areas.

    5. Most of Chicago's public schools are not good. Most of the students are from broken homes, have no positive role models, and don't want to learn. The school district (as well as the city) is constructively bankrupt, and the city has to contend with a powerful militant union full of burnt-out teachers. Most suburban schools are good.

    6. Chicago is an excellent center of culture and things to do. The restaurant scene is first-rate, too.

    7. The city, state, and county governments are utterly and hopelessly corrupt, but I am sure you are aware of that. The residents of Chicago rarely back "reform" candidates: all they care is that the garbage is collected and the snow plowed.

    I don't mean to sound negative, because I have lived in and near Chicago most of my life; but almost everyone living in this area would agree with what I am saying.

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    Not sure what living there is like, but I've vacationed in Chicago, Atlanta, and NYC, and I'd have to say Chicago is much, much closer to being like NYC than it is to Atlanta.

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