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I just started this new job about a month ago. I'm a proctor at a local college & I watch students take exams. I only get between 10-15 hours a week making $10.00 per hour. I sit in a room by myself & I'm not allowed to eave the room for any reason except to go to the bathroom.

I'm allowed to read or use the computer a majority of the time. Often times, I feel like crying I'm so bored. I run out of things to do and start to just think about things and become overwhelmed & depressed.Ever since I started this job I've been so miserable. I've been not eating a lot, I've stopped going to the gym, stopped hanging out with friends I've just become so depressed.

I lost my full time job in May.

Should I quit this job and just focus on finding a full time job?

What would you do in my situation?

Would anyone go crazy if they just had to sit there and watch students take tests for 5-6 hours at a time with no interaction.

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  • 5 years ago
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    Yes, I think you should find a full-time job.

    However, you should also do something about your depression and that is the most important task you have because depression dulls all of your emotions and makes you want to stay at home and do nothing. This is literally wasting your time. Push yourself a little. Meet up with a friend, watch some funny videos on youtube, get out more, try to be optimistic, eat healthy, don't forget to snack etc. You can find lots of articles about depression and how to cure it. Even a step-by-step one. Google it and good luck :) Stay awesome.

  • MM
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    5 years ago

    No job should be making you sick. Particularly a $10/hour job. I'm not sure why you're having so much trouble putting it behind you when you leave the room that it's affecting your friendships and gym time, but if it is, then give it up. Or ask whoever your supervisor is if they have leads on anything more stimulating they might be willing and able to share with you.

  • Bill
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    5 years ago

    Since you only work 0 - 15 hours per week, you have ample time to look for a better job. Keep this one until you are hired elsewhere.

  • Judy
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    5 years ago

    Take a book to read.

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