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Which number is greater the Aliyah immigrants coming to Israel, Or the number of Israelis leaving Israel to make a better life $$$$?

for themselves in Europe, America Canada etc

Many Israelis marry Americans or Europeans to get USA or EU citizenship.

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    From the reestablishment of the state in 1948 until the end of 2012; 698,000 Israelis have decided to leave. Between 116,000 and 149,000 Israelis have died abroad so the number of Israelis born in Israel (Sabras) living abroad today stands between 549,000 and 582,000. - See more at:

    Counter balance....

    The 1990s saw approximately one million immigrants arriving in Israel, the overwhelming majority from the various republics of the former Soviet Union, as well as some 35,000 from Ethiopia (Operation Shlomo; see Table 2). These two waves of immigration were perceived in a significantly different way by the Israeli society and the elite (see, for example, Leshem (1994) Leshem and Lissak (2001) and Kaplan and Salamon (2004)).

    So in about 30 years 2 times more newcomers came in then have left Israel since Israel's reestablishment !!!

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    There are a lot more coming in the going out.

    The door is open both ways.

    Well, if you're an Arab, only one way.

    Why don't you look to see what's on the other side, Sameer? You might like it.

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    “For me, this business called the state of Israel is finished...I can’t bear to see it anymore, the injustice that is done to the Arabs, to the Beduins. All kinds of scum coming from America and as soon as they get off the plane taking over lands in the territories and claiming it for their own...I can’t do anything to change it. I can only go away and let the whole lot go to hell without me.” Israeli actress (and household name) Rivka Mitchell, quoted in Israeli peace movement periodical, “The Other Israel”, August 1998.

    ""Do you want to be both the agents and pawns of colonialism, racism and super-power imperialism? Do you want utter moral and spiritual desecration of the sacred Torah at the hands of atheists, materialist and opportunists? How can you ever feel secure living off the stolen property of an entire people, you have dispossessed of home and country? If not, then conclude a just peace with the Arabs without delay and grant the Palestinians their human rights in full, before it is too late and disaster confronts you! Jews! You must choose between Judaism and Zionism, you cannot have both!" .......Margaret Marcus Lahore, American Jewish Writer in 1981

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