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Where is it stated in standard 8-ball rules you can hit your balls off your opponent's balls?

Specifically your ball kissing your opponent's ball to pocket yours in the called pocket.

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    From BCA rulebook:

    2. CALL SHOT. In Call Shot, obvious balls and pockets do not have to be indicated. It is the opponent's right to ask which ball and pocket if he is unsure of the shot. Bank shots and combination shots are not considered obvious, and care should be taken in calling both the object ball and the intended pocket. When calling the shot, it is NEVER necessary to indicate details such as the number of cushions, banks, kisses, caroms, etc. Any balls pocketed on a foul remain pocketed, regardless of whether they belong to the shooter or the opponent.

    here is the specific part you were looking for: it is NEVER necessary to indicate details such as the number of cushions, banks, kisses, caroms, etc.

    and this is from general pool rules:

    In games in which the shooter is required to call shots, the intended ball and pocket must be indicated for each shot if they are not obvious. Details of the shot, such as cushions struck or other balls contacted or pocketed are irrelevant. Only one ball may be called on each shot.

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    1...you must hit your ball first. not your opponent's ball and not the 8ball

    a) if you do not, your opponent can put the cueball anywhere he wants.

    2...any ball (except the 8) that goes in, it's that person's turn next

    3...if both stripe and solid balls go in, it's still your shot.

    4...if the 8 goes in and you still have balls on the table, you lose

    5...after you make all your balls THEN you can go for the 8ball

    6...if you do not at least hit the 8(doesn't have to go in), ie if you totally whiff on the the 8, you lose

    that's as basic as i cab explain ....there are many many many rules variations

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    I already know the rules to standard 8-ball pool including some of the many variations. I asked this to see if I could get an answer that would satiate a fellow player's insistence that you COULDN'T hit your balls off of theirs to make a shot. Thanks to all that answered.

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