What does fuel pump circuit number 2 failed mean in simple terms?

I have a 1994 f150 mfi 4.9 automatic with rear single after axle gas tank.

I did an eec-iv test & looked up the 3 digit code which was....fuel pump circuit number 2 failed.

All fuses are new & good,all relays are new & good under the hood & under the dash.

New fuel pump,sending unit & float.New fuel filter.

I took the gas tank out & cleaned it thoroughly & filled the tank 1/2 way with shell gasoline.

Also complete tune up.The shut off switch under the passenger quarter panel is in good working order.

Could there B a wire problem or just a defective fuel pump,or something else?

I'm NOT spending one more penny till I find the problem.

If I knew what the problem was I can fix it,because I am a shade tree mechanic with a LOT of common sense.

How can I test the fuel pump using just a ground and the battery?If this would help.

God bless & thank U very much 4 your time & help

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  • 4 years ago
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    Yes, test the fuel-pump off the car, with connections just to the battery - also, I think you will find that the bulk of cars with fuel injection (everything in the last 25 years!) actually have a small, low-pressure pump which tends to live in the tank (sometimes called the 'lift-pump') and a seperate, high-pressure, fist-sized pump which is usually firing straight into a similar-sized filter, somewhere under the car to keep it cool and keep noise away from the cabin. Which pump did you change?

    • neil4 years agoReport

      I traced all the wires coming from the fuel pump & there is only wires & no other pump or device.

  • 4 years ago

    you might have pinched a wire when reinstalling the tank, or, the new pump isn't any good. sopull it again. I spose you could change the fuse and try it again, if it pops, pull the tank. if you can find the power wi going to it, you can run a jumper wire, I doubt you'd need a ground. and, to check it you would need to cut or splice into the pos. side as close to the pump as you can get, but, to do that, you might as well look for a pinched wire and just pull the tank!

    Source(s): ford f150 1994 former owner
    • neil4 years agoReport

      I don't have 2 pul the tank.I cut a square hole in the bed of the truck right above the fuel pump where it fits into then gas tank.

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