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Severe car crash survival?

A car crash happens in a 2000 Corolla, it flips over a thick curb going 50 sliding into the curb sideways, flips over on the grass 360 degrees and lands on its tires normally, five people in the car. Car is 100 percent totalled. What are the chances of all people surviving with no injuries?

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    Excellent if they are all properly restrained. Roll-overs are among the most survivable of all accidents *as long as the passengers are restrained.* Two of my brothers were in high speed roll-over accidents (one was very much like you describe, but at 65 mph) when they were new drivers and both were unhurt. More recently, two women I work with were in a 75 mph roll-over and one had a neck injury - she wore a brace for a month or so - but the other was unhurt even though the car skidded on its roof into the other side of the freeway.

    A close friend was driving his company truck along I-10 when a car in the next lane ahead of him had a rear blowout. The car veered away, then overcorrected and cut right in front of him at 75 mph. Jeff had no choice - he braked hard but could not avoid hitting the driver door. The car began rolling down the freeway like an oatmeal box. Witnesses just said the car rolled "dozens of times" and came to rest on its roof. All the glass was missing except the windshield and it was impossible to determine the make or model from what was left. The driver suffered a cut on the back of her hand and got herself out. Jeff and others who helped block the accident scene were trying to get her to stop walking around, but when she regained her senses she screamed, "My baby!" The men rushed to the car and found the baby in an infant seat in the center of the back seat, looking around with a puzzled expression.

    In contrast, roll-overs have very high injury rate and fatality rate if passengers are not restrained. According to the source, "A recent study reported a 20-fold increased risk of severe injuries and 91 times greater risk of mortality if an individual is ejected completely from a car crash during an ROC [roll-over crash]." It is almost entirely the problem of unrestrained passengers that makes roll-overs such a big concern.

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    < 50%. Their heads would knock into each other causing from serious to fatal injuries. Assume seat belts and other safety devices are being used and working.

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    Zero. That scenario demands some injuries.

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