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Can my mom call the authorities on us? Will they do anything?

I'm 21 years old living with my boyfriend and we're expecting a baby girl in November. We live in an area where Pitts are allowed and legal to own.

My boyfriend and I also have a Pitt bull named Hope, well ever since I got pregnant my mom has been trying to get us to put our dog down claiming that she's a "dangerous threat" which Hope is not.

Our Pitt has done nothing wrong to my mom, whenever she's over Hope hides in our bedroom even though she doesn't have to. Hope has always been around babies/children and never once offered to do anything wrong to them, if they are at the apartment she's hiding in the bedroom.

After I threw my mom out of our apartment after a heated argument, she texted me saying that she'd call the authorities on us for "child endangerment"

Can she legally do this? Hope has done nothing wrong to anyone and we're allowed to own her.

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    you need to cut your mother out of you're life otherwise this will be an on going problems if you don't. she cannot get you for child endangerment because your baby is not born yet for one, for two your dog ''Hope'' is no threat to society or other animals this is just a blate attack because of the Pitbull breed. i know many people who have Pitbulls around their children and never have a problem! she's overreacting and for the sake of your dog and child i'd keep her away she'll find ways to cause grief for you.

    Good Luck


    (dog owner)

  • David
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    5 years ago

    Let's look at why what you're doing is totally legal.

    A. Your neighborhood legally allows pitbulls to dwell the neighborhood and occupy houses.

    B. You're over the age of 18, meaning that your mother legally can not control you or your child.

    You may have to deal with children services depending on how your mom describes your situation with the authorities, but in the end you have nothing to worry about :)

  • S
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    5 years ago

    you mom can do what ever she wants but you are of age and live in an area where pitts are allowed BUTT you must look at the reason so many places have out lawed that breed of dogs. It is not the dog its self but the breed that can become dangerous. Have you ever read a story where a child has been around a dog all there lives then the Pitt has turned on them?? I have heard of at least 2 stories where grand parents have lost a grand child due to this breed of dog turning on the kids for no provokes reason. Think very hard about what your mom is trying to tell you.

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    No your mother can't call the authorities on you for child endangerment. It's not like you have a baby crawling around who you allow to pull on the dog's face, skin and tail, leaving the child in the room roaming around alone with the dog, and etc. This would be a reason for concern with any dog, not just a pitt. As parents, we need to teach our kids to be gentle with dogs and observe their interactions from day one.

    It's just common sense.

    I have always had dogs and they were accepting of my children. My children were not allowed to pull their hair, pull their lips etc. My dogs weren't pittbulls, but it doesn't matter. Dogs also have a tolerance level, and need to be treated with regard by our kids. Plain and simple, and I am certain you already know this.

    Many times, when we bring a baby home, the dog is automatically protective, sees the child as a leader, because, through instinct, they know the child belongs to you.

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  • 5 years ago

    She can call the authorities, but if you're legally allowed to have the dog then the authorities will likely do nothing about it. Depending on what she claims obviously. If she makes false claims then it may be investigated, but that all depends.

  • If it's legal to have a pittbull, then she can't do anything to make you get rid of Hope. A lot of pittbulls are really gentle. It has to do with the way they're raised, and it sounds like you raised yours right. Plus, if your dog doesn't have a history of violent outbursts, then you're really fine. Also, congrats on your pregnancy! I wish you the best in the coming years!

  • 5 years ago

    If she did the police would see the situation and brush it off. She doesnt have any evidence that anything is happening. While CPS might get involved, there is no case as long as Hope doesnt have a history.

    PS I love pitties! They are the best dogs :)

  • 5 years ago

    No, she can't because if she does, you can have everyone that's ever been around Hope to back you up about her personality.

    Your daughter will have a best friend for life with Hope :)

  • 5 years ago

    i dont think the authorities can do anything if that dog hasnt done anything to anyone, if anything that dog will be a good babysitter for your baby

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    No, she can't. Your dog is legal and sounds well mannered

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