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Are there alternatives to making an "Appeal"?

I'd like to appeal the ridiculous deletion of a question that I created a few days ago in Polls&Surveys, which, much to my liking actually became fairly popular and hit the featured questions section among other questions that were no more or less of a "violation" than mine was.

I get it! Some people have a ridiculously high level of report trust and will remove a question purely out of spite or disliking for the question-maker. We've all experienced it..

So my real question is:

Aside from the link that the appeal-email provides, is there an alternative link/method to appeal and make it known that I am serious about wanting my question re-instated and my 10 pts back?

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    You can appeal the violation using the alternate appeal link, actually better than using the link on the notice...

    . For #1 Topic Choose appeal

    For #2 Sub-Topic choose appeal Deletion of a Question, even if an answer.....

    For #3 click We're here to help! >>>> Email

    Fill in the page that comes up, Yahoo ID of the person you are reporting write Unknown.

    For *Include the full text of the content deleted * copy that from the notice.

    including the quotation marks

    Do the code and then Create Request.

    You will receive an Incident number email and will hear back..

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