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Boxing: Do you give Brian Viloria any chance to beat Roman Gonzales?

I don't. He's just a good name that's going to be on Gonzales' hit list. I really wanna see Estrada vs Gonzales 2. Thats who I feel is one of the few who can beat Roman.

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    Nightmaaare! Haven't been on in a minute how you doing bruh?

    Not really, but it's a good fight and the fact that I think Roman will pretty much run thru the HP is a testament to how good I think he is.

    Viloria is an athletic dude that has speed and power, so he's always a live underdog. But let me throw some knowledge darts here, b/c I've been watching Viloria a long time and know how his fights will usually play out.

    Not to brag (lol to brag), but I bet a good amount of money (by my standards) on Juan Estrada at +400 against Viloria, b/c I knew Estrada was underrated and Viloria has not only that flaky nature about him but stamina issues as well.

    So, as I already said, Viloria is dangerous. He's got good power, speed and athleticism, something you'd want in any boxer. On the flip side, he's a flake. Dude isn't an intelligent fighter, and he gasses out in hard fights. Not to mention he's in his mid thirties, and the past has shown that very few little guys age well.

    Suffice it to say, Viloria is f*cked. Roman is an extremely underrated technical fighter, he's a murderer of course, but he's like GGG in the sense that he's a guy who throws beautiful combinations and has very good skills, but it's overlooked b/c of the devastating fashion in which he wins.

    I think it will be a good fight. Viloria will do his best and get some licks in, but at the end of the day Chocolatito will break him down and take him out.

    Roman is one of the best little men I've ever seen and he's in his prime, I take him by stoppage around the eight or ninth round.

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    Agree. Viloria could hit, but that's about it. I don't think he has the physical tools to go farther than what he's accomplished. He lacks size and has rather short arms which is a huge disadvantage especially when you're facing taller opponents. Viloria also has had problems with guys who could box, especially those equipped with excellent jab. It stymies his attack pattern, which, more often than not, is easily readable.

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    Yes i will be a monster fight. Viloria will school Gonzalez, no?

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