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Should I pick up RB Matt Jones?

I have Alfred Morris and was thinking of handcuffing him with Matt Jones. Jones has had a great preseason and if Washington goes down hill like they are Jones could play more. Considering Morris is in a contract year they may test the waters with the rookie. The only 2 I can drop are Denard Robinson or Reggie Bush. I am leaning towards Bush because I have Hyde. I just dont see Bush taking over every down if Hyde gets hurt or under performs. Jones I feel could take over in Washington. So do I pick up Matt Jones and who do I drop if I do Bush or Robinson?

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    This is a difficult decision.

    1)Reggie Bush: nothing but a fantasy headache. Every time he goes out and has a big game, everyone jumps on the bandwagon....and he does nothing but disappoint....until everyone sends him back to the bench/cuts him...then repeat. I think at 30 years old and playing as a backup, he is definitely expendable.

    2)Denard Robinson....probably the newest version of Reggie Bush....just one of these X players that you can't count on. When they get him the ball, he seems to produce. He gained most of his 582 yds rushing 124 yds receiving during the last 6 weeks that he played. But he sits behind TJ Yeldon on a very bad Jax team. I don't like Yeldon....and Alabama RB's haven't produced much in the NFL (think Ingram/Richardson...Eddie Lacey is ok when he's healthy).

    3)Alfred Morris...he has done nothing to warrant bench time. He has started every game, and pumps out 1,000 yd seasons behind trash O-lines. He maintains his Yards/carry over 4.0. Being on a contract year will make him run even he can cash in. I can't imagine Gruden letting Matt Jones steal goal line carries since he is a rookie (Morris only had 2 fumbles last season).

    To answer your question...dump Bush for Matt Jones. In order to win fantasy leagues, you need to try and hit home runs (and connect sometimes). Reggie Bush, even if Hyde goes down, will not hit you a home run. Go for the home run...if Morris goes down then you will be in good hands. But be ready to dump him anytime you think that there might be a better potential home run out there. Denard Robinson could pay off nicely if Yeldon goes he is a keeper. He puts up numbers when given the chance

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