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Is Harry Potter basically Tom Brown with magic?

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    5 years ago
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    I went to a British boarding school and J K Rowling did not. Having read HP that lack shows, as she had to simplify things to fit in with the philosophy of the books.

    Tom Brown is part auto-biographical, so it rings more true - even disregarding the lack of magic and it being dated.

    For example - four houses with only one full time member of staff (who lived in an apartment away from the house)? Seriously would not work. My school had eleven houses, each with a full time live-in matron, a live-in head of house and three alternating supervisors who had a similar role as a head of house. If someone had a problem in the middle of the night, there was an adult to go to! Not the case in HP. Sneaking out through the common room? Dream on. I know some pupils who unscrewed the window blocks and snuck out that way. Two older pupils who had shown they could be responsible lived in same dorm as the younger pupils, until they reach the second year of studying for GCSE and got more privacy (a room with only 2 students) so they could concentrate on studying.

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    5 years ago

    Well, yeah. The Harry Potter books are part of -- and also subvert and comment on -- a huge and long tradition of British "school stories," with which JK Rowling and a lot of her British audience are familiar but many Americans aren't.

    George Orwell wrote a very interesting essay called "Boys' Weeklies" that explains and dissects the tradition. It's in many collections of Orwell's essays and you can probably find it in your library.

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    Since the two have never been compared, I'd say no.

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