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My dog doesn t like me?

Ok so I have a chihuahua,we had him for about 7 years and he doesn t like me he only likes adults I am 12 and live with my mother and he only likes her. My mom says it s because she s always home which is true but why doesn t he sit with me or pay attention to me? He follows my mother all around the house and sits with her. He doesn t do any to me. I give him treats play with him gives him food EVERYTHING but mom doesn t want another dog idk what to do anymore I don t think I can fix this...

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    My family had a Chi when I was a kid and he bonded most to my mom too. That didn't stop me from playing with him, taking him for walks, teaching him tricks, etc. I have some great memories of that dog.

    Unless you've hurt or teased him in the past (and since you were only 5 when the dog came, you might have done that unknowingly) he has no reason to actually dislike you. Apparently you've given him no reason to like you either. So if you want a better relationship with him, you have to do that. Take him for a walk every day, spend 10 minutes every day teaching him a trick or training him or just stroking him nicely, greet him whenever you come in the door even if he doesn't seem to care.

    Chi's are really clever dogs and you can teach him all sorts of cute tricks. Here are some ideas to get you started and you can Google for lots more: Note: it is very important for you not to be impatient or cranky if the dog isn't learning fast enough or if he gets confused. He's going to want and need lots of praise and treats (just tiny ones for a Chi). If you find yourself getting frustrated, cut the session short. It helps to finish on a "high" note by having him do something he knows very well (maybe Sit) so you can end the session with lots of praise.

    Don't expect instant results: it might take a few weeks for him to start looking forward to spending some time with you. And while he'll always like mom best, I can tell you from personal experience that 2nd-best can be pretty nice too.

    "my mom doesn t want another dog"

    There is a 99% chance any new dog would also like mom best. That wouldn't solve your problem at all, just make you feel twice as bad.

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    Chihuahuas are known to bond with one person and since your mother provides his care and is home all the time with him then he decided that he is going to only bond her. If you want this dog to like you then you will need to take over the feeding, grooming, walking and playtime.

    I own a 3yr old Chihuahua that loves everyone and even outsiders. My dog has a very stronger bond with me BUT she also learned to be just as loving to everyone else in the home.

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