Advice for a teenage girl?

I recently started high school, and surprisingly I love the environment, I like the classes, I literally only have classes I'm passionate about. The school I go to is huge, which means that no one really knows my name, and I get to just be comfortable being myself. There's one thing though.

I'm not loving the social aspect what so ever. I'm in a class where I don't like anyone. There's two groups of girls. One of the groups are extremely "Mean girls" ish, I never met anyone who's more rude or mean, they make fun of other people, and already managed to make fun of me, I won't hang out with them. The other group are nerdy and smart, and I like them, they just happen to talk down to me.

What do I do? Do you have any advice on how to survive? I stayed home today and yesterday just because I was drained and upset.

1 Answer

  • Jason
    Lv 7
    5 years ago

    thats not a healthy response

    consider some therapy if you truly think you cant attend - your problems wont magically resolve themselves

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