steam download crisis?

I am trying to download a game on steam. I have a crappy router and am gettiing 70kb per second average. while my router is something i cant do is there anything i am able to do to make it go abit faster then before because this is just stupid. even 100kb would be better.

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  • 5 years ago
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    While your router may be a potential bottleneck... it's probably not the issue. Wired router connections are usually 100 Mbps (or 12.5 MBps) & wireless can be considerable less (generally in the real of 20 Mbps or 2.5 MBps).

    HOWEVER, there's a few things that you can look into to help improve your speeds.

    1) CHECK YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION -- The biggest bottleneck will be your ISP since they control the speeds outside your house. As you may have notice above, all internet connections are measured in MegaBITS (Mbps) while usable download speeds are measured in MegaBYTES (MBps)... To drop a basic computing knowledge here, 1 byte = 8 bits... Therefore, you'll need to divide the speeds noted by your ISP by 8 to get the usable download speeds.

    You can also visit sites like to test your connection with a nearby test server (go with your ISP, if available... otherwise, go to one that's geographically close to you) to see if your connection speeds are matching up with your ISP. does measure connections in Mbps, so you don't have to do any math.

    IF the figures don't match up, contact your ISP for some troubleshooting. 20-30 minutes with their tech department will likely get you up & running at full speed. (I had to deal with this when I upgraded my connection).

    If the figures DO match up... you may want to still contact your ISP for possible upgrades (or check their site for current packages... Again, I was fortunate enough to triple my speeds for $10 / mo extra compared to my old plan).

    2) Check what EVERYBODY ELSE IS DOING on your connection -- Since everybody on your router is using that bandwidth connection, their activities will affect your connection speeds.

    Modern routers have a protocol known as "Quality of Service" (aka QoS), which dictates what devices & what online services get priority over others. Stuff that's more time-sensitive, like video calls on Skype will get more priority over a game you're playing... which gets priority over casual web surfing & downloading... which gets priority over BitTorrent connections (as they're generally listed as lowest priority). As long as there's not a lot of higher-priority stuff running, your downloads will grab more bandwidth. HOWEVER, if your roommate wants to binge watch Dr. Who on Netflix, your downloads will suffer for the duration.

    Compound this by the number of demanding services & your download speed can become a trickle.

    CAUTION: TAMPERING WITH ROUTER SETTINGS CAN LEAD TO UNDESIRABLE EFFECT, INCLUDING DIGITAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL & PHYSICAL SIDE EFFECTS (depending on how "personable" the other users on your network are)! PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK (of your connection & possibly your life... depending on how others react to your modifications)!

    3) Select the closest server(s) to you -- As it may not seem like it, proximity does equate to speed when it comes online activities as there's generally less computers between you & your desired content. This means less risk of online traffic slowing you down & lower risks of connection failure along the way.

    While I could download all my games from a server in Tokyo, there's more risk of traffic in California to cause problems with speed. That why I'm running on servers in Minneapolis or Chicago (being closest geographically to me) as it's a lot shorter distance for the data. HOWEVER, if you are aware of an outage where your desired server is, switching to alternative server (a little further away) may help until the outage is resolved.

    4) Network traffic around the server -- This is one that you won't have control over, but it's something you should be mindful about. Online servers like Steam does have a finite bandwidth to pumps all those bits to your computer (albeit, a crapload more than what you have)... so if everybody is downloading the latest & greatest game that just came out (like Call of Duty: Doge Edition), connections to that service (ESPECIALLY for the files in demand) will be slow.

    This is where the law of "Supply & Demand" rears it's ugly head online... AS the bandwidth to download the games from the server is fixed & the number of users downloading said game is variable, the more people downloading the game from the same server, the SLOWER EVERYBODY'S CONNECTION SPEEDS become until the demand for the game becomes satisfied (reducing the demand & increasing supply).

    That's pretty much it. If you need the TL:DR... Check the following, in order of importance...

    1) Check your connection w/ your ISP.

    2) Check what others are doing online RIGHT NOW.

    3) Check that you're connecting to the closest server.

    4) Check if the item you're download is popular.

    5) Check yourself out in the mirror... as you're probably going crazy right now as there's nothing else you can do.

  • 5 years ago

    What's your internet service?

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