Has anyone here gone through the Fidelity Investments background check process ?

I got offered a job with fidelity, pending background check. Has anyone here worked with them or have information on the process? i have a class b theft misdemeanor from 7 years ago which i got deferred adjudication for and have sealed but i am wondering if this will show up? Also how do they verify employment, do they call the numbers you provide or do they ask for w-2's or anything like that? any help is seriously appreciated! thank you

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  • 6 years ago
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    I don't know Fidelity's process specifically, but in general, it goes like this: they should not see a sealed record, but sometimes they slip through. If you are applying for a job that requires SEC clearance, you would be rejected for a theft conviction/plea. If you answered untruthfully on your application regarding the theft, they would likely dismiss you for lying on your application if they find out about it.

    Prior employment is verified by calling the previous companies you listed. They don't usually take the phone numbers you give them, but verify that the number belongs to the company, and speak with the HR department, not some friend of yours who might still work there.

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