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How to swirl a soft serve ice cream cone?

I've been working at an ice cream place locally for a little over a month now. I dread making soft serve ice cream cones every time because they're so difficult to make and never look decent. Either they are lopsided, comes out too fast, or is just plan ugly and no one wants to eat it. I've had to redo countless ice creams, I've asked for help and have gotten advice from coworkers, but nothing seems to work. I just can't get it.

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    I remember when people would avoid me in lines because they wanted a decent ice cream cone and I sucked at it. So this is what a manager I and I did. We went through 10 cones in a row every day for practice. I was a pro after a while. My cones were awesome.

    So remember practice makes progress! And each time you work on yourself and are gentle and forgiving accepting of your personal "flaws" then you can relax and learn. You're learning. Time takes time. Simple as that. You'll only learn this by doing it not by reading how to do it.

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    Go slow.

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