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What's a feminist and why they so hated?

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    "What is a feminist?"

    A feminist is a person who adheres to the ideology of feminism.

    "Why are feminists so hated?"

    Because they believe in the ideology of feminism.

    "What is feminism?"

    Feminism is a movement that advocates, campaigns and lobbies for women's interests and advantages, irrespective of how any particular action may affect men. Feminism is an ideology. It is 'the belief that women should have more rights because feminism is fighting for equality; an equality that they have had already for decades. Feminism is a delusion… the delusion that women still aren't equal members of society. The propaganda and indoctrination is why I hate feminism.

    Feminism wants 'equality' without accountability. This translates into special rights for women. Feminism demands equal pay, but refuses equal work. When regular people say the word 'equality', they mean, equal value, equal protection under the law, and equal opportunity. When feminists say 'equality', they mean 'equal outcome' and 'sameness', but only in areas where men outperform women. The fraudulent use of the word 'equality' is why I hate feminism.

    Feminism isn't synonymous with equality (link1&2). Equal opportunity, fairness, impartiality, parity, tolerance, equitability, evenness, likeness, sameness, uniformity, fair, isonomy. All the synonyms of equality 'do' reflect the purpose of feminism, but 'only' as it pertains to women! Feminists do not care about men's isonomy. Feminism cannot 'be' for gender equality while ignoring an entire gender. Feminism isn't about equality, it's favoritism (the practice of giving unfair preferential treatment to one person or group at the expense of another). The ignorance, deceitfulness and self-centeredness and is why I hate feminism.

    Feminism hasn't ever helped men with issues that affect men uniquely ... and they never will. If feminism fought for the issues that affect BOTH genders, the movement wouldn't be hated and criticized. I still haven't seen one example of feminism assisting men to achieve equality where, previously, men had none. Feminism says, "society benefits men." But, this isn't true. Currently, men have a lack of birth control options and reproductive rights. Also, men are more likely to:

    • be underrepresented in post-secondary • be the victim of a violent crime • be the victim of a crime • be homeless • be murdered • go to prison • commit suicide • die in the workplace • lose custody of a child • suffer genital mutilation • receive less funding for social programs

    There is a small list of 5 legitimate 'legal' rights that women have that men don't (link3). In summary, women can abandon parenthood while men cannot, infant boys may suffer genital mutilation at birth while women cannot, Men have to sign a draft card to be a citizen while women do not, women are assumed custodial parents while men are not, women have rapes count as rape, men do not ("made to penetrate" instead). I can't imagine that feminism will be fixing any or all of these issues in the near future.

    There was a famous article written by Lindy West. Part Four was entitled "A List of "Men's Rights" Issues That Feminism Is Already Working On" (link4). Apparently all the problems were summed up as being caused by the patriarchy, an unjust social system that enforces gender roles. Feminist theory believes that the solution to the omnipotent patriarchy (the root cause of all evil, including men's issues) is to dismantle it by abolishing gender roles (link5). Feminists actually believe 'this' will solve all the issues that affect men (link6). I don't believe it! Abolishing gender roles will not fix the issues that affect men. Feminists have their own reasons for abolishing gender roles. It was already on the feminist agenda and the original goal was never to 'solve men's issues'. Pretending to care about men's issues while doing nothing; another reason to hate feminism.

    Feminism is a proponent of sexist & gynocentric laws. Men were never 'privileged by law'. But, now, women are 'privileged by law'. There are many laws that affect and benefit women while simultaneously treating men as second-class citizens. Some examples include:

    • Civil Rights Act of 1964 • VAWA 1994 • Faultless divorce 1996 • Title IX 9 1965 • Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act 1994 • Female only scholarships • Selective service laws • Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005• Child custody laws • EEORA 2012 • Affirmative action

    "Women have choice & privilege, men have responsibility & slavery." The most privileged, protected, and pampered demographic in history still think that they are victims. The perpetual lies regarding 'female oppression' (link7), 'male privilege', 'the pay gap' (link8), and 'the patriarchy' have caused me to hate and criticize feminism.

    Women 'do' have privileges and advantages, contrary to popular belief (link2). Feminism knows that it's beneficial to deny the existence of these female privileges. Women's advantages, like affirmative action, need to be abolished in order for gender equality to occur. The VAWA must be renamed to the 'The Sexual And Domestic Violence Act' and it must be rewritten so that it is gender-neutral. All laws that aren't currently gender-neutral must to be rewritten as such. The cherry-picking of gender equality issues is why I hate feminism.

    If and when I see feminism actually fighting for gender equality (this would including abolishing advantages that women have), I will become a feminist. Currently, feminism is a sexist organization that is for 'women only'. Feminism is 'the hateful pursuit of the impossible (gender equality and women's advantages at the same time).'

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    I work with a feminist and she is only concerned with getting a better deal than a man even though she is less talented and of less overall use to the company as a woman. We don't talk about the issue but once I had to put

    her right that women are not a minority - women are the majority sex in the world and they live longer too.

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    Feminists are people who believe females (The fem part) deserve preferential treatment over males. They are becoming more disliked (I think hated is a bit strong), because most people don't believe some people deserve to be privileged over others as feminists advocate.

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    I think that some MRAs have been genuinely hosed in divorce settlements, but the grievances of these men is used by some haters who don't mean women very well. The latter group is pretty dumb, as they want sexual freedom for themselves but think that women should wait until they're married!

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    A Feminist is someone who puts men and everything they have done, beneath them. They see men as criminals. rapists, murderers and war mongers.. They refuse to acknowledge the brilliant society men have built in the West.. the advancement of technology, medicine, life-expectancy etc, that have all come as a result of mostly men's efforts.

    Despite all this they see us as an oppressive force.. I'm not entirely sure why..

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    The same reason why MRA's are hated on. Nobody likes someone who whines about everything that isn't given to them.

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    I think it means different things to different people, all covered under the banner of "Feminism".

    Which is why there is so much hate and confusion.

    To me, it is not having my gender taken into consideration professionally.

    Its impossible to eliminate the fact that I am a woman from every aspect of my life.

    And I don't think I would like that.

    When it comes to business, women face a multitude of obstacles that men usually don't.

    My husband has never been asked in an interview whether or not fatherhood would stand in the way of his performance, whereas I've been asked several times about childcare and if it would pose a problem.

    I've also been told that my material (as a writer) was to crude coming from a woman and asked to use a male pen name.

    What they were saying is "your stuff is great, but not something we want to publish with the name "JENNY" attached to it".

    Their reasoning was that the articles would be better received if the author were male. Because of the subject matter. Does that make sense? I doesn't to me. But it is something I have to do if I want to be employed.

    I just want an even playing field at work. And right now, that is not realistic.

    It goes both ways.

    Also I am gaining funding for a Crisis Pregnancy Center and having a hard time with "non-biased" investors because I offer few services to men.

    Aside from counseling and a baggie of condoms, what the Hell am I supposed to offer? Men can't get pregnant.

    But not having enough "services" for them is standing in the way of my goal in life.

    Its difficult. From every perspective.

    And its not all black and white, the gray is just a giant abyss of misunderstanding.

  • A feminist-(woman) and pro-feminist-(man) is someone who supports Feminism...the ideology that focuses on equality for only women and girls within society that threatens their human rights and rights for opportunity. It's the opposite of Masculism which is also an ideology that focuses on men and boys for the same exact reasons-(seeking equality and fair opportunity in societies that threaten them). Egalitarianism focuses on both men/boys and women/girls for similar reasons. As for why they're so hated. My response to that is, "Oh well." I'd say they're mostly disliked and distrusted over hate...but there are people who do hate them with a passion. Of course you have fellow supporters who like, love, and respect them. For me, I hate some more than others-(radicals mostly)....but I don't have respect for their choices to be part of a hate group. It's like saying you don't have a problem with black people-(or any person of another racial background), but due to what people within a movement or group having had done in the past or present to show their hate and distrust for that group of people....its obvious they don't have any respect for black people as human beings....yet you still choose to be part of that group despite your feelings towards them. I certainly don't trust them and would have a low opinion of them knowing they don't and can't respect me on a individual level because I so happen to be a male. I don't believe I would be able to get along with them "if" they chose to talk to me about gender issues. I'm pretty blunt and don't hold back to what I believe in and know is right. They don't appreciate gentlemen and take them for granted....even take advantage of them using them as commodities for their own narcissistic reasons. Some are even abusive towards men and boys....physically and mentally. Some don't enjoy and would feel intimidated by being in the company of men. I guess I would have to be born with boobies and a vagina to get respect, sympathy, and be taken seriously to be heard by their flock. You know that saying: "You get what you give." If you spread hate, bigotry, fear, lies, sexism, and unfair/unreasonable double standards against one half of the population of people of one sex...then you're going to receive backlash and negativity from many people if not all. Seeking superiority, special treatment, and special rights is NOT equality. Spreading misinformation and false statistics about a group of people in a negative way while being proud of it or do so for funding only proves those people lack integrity and self-respect for themselves as they do for other people. Making laws to strip, oppress, and take away completely our freedoms as a protected class will only bring more resentment. Feminists and pro-feminists continue on receiving haters because they created a platform to be disrespectful, hateful, insensitive, ignorant, and display negative irrational behaviors towards others unlike themselves-(non-feminists, anti-feminists, MRAs, MGTOW, Masculists/Masculinists, and egalitarians).

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    Feminist are people of any gender who believe in equality. Right now women, American Americans, lgbt+ community, and basically anyone who isn't a white male is treated very differently from everyone else. Feminist want EVERYONE to be treated equally.

    Some people get mad because they are ignorant and think feminism means they want women to be more powerful. This is incorrect.

    We want equality for ALL

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