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Anyone know how to play Mahjong?

I wanna learn how to play!!

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  • 5 years ago
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    Go online and play. The rules are kind of complicated. There are a bunch of rules that needs to be followed.

    You remove tiles that are the same but there are exceptions like the season tiles. You can remove s season tile with any other season tile.

    You can remove tiles from the top only. In the beginning if you look at the center you see a tile and underneath there are 4 tiles. You can't remove any of the bottom 4 until you remove the center tile. After removing the center tile then the 4 can be removed.

    You cannot remove a tile if the two long sides are touching other tiles.

    I think this is the American or recreational version. If you go to Chinatown or China the game is played differently. All I know is that the tiles are placed face down. Each player grabs a certain number of tiles and then they go from there. They take turns placing tiles. No idea what the rules are. It's a gambling game.

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