Could I have some recommendations for dark, philosophical graphic novels?

Something in the same vein as Watchmen, but it could still be more.

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  • Shawna
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    5 years ago
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    You could check out:

    From Hell - a take on the Jack the Ripper story by the same guy who wrote Watchman, Alan Moore

    The Sandman - By Neil Gaiman and about Dream/Morpheus and the others of the Seven Endless (a group anthropomorphic personifications of various metaphysical entities). This is an amazing story and one of my personal faves.

    Maus - By Art Spiegelman and is a story of the artists' fathers time as a Polish Jew during the Holocaust, but with all the different nationalities and races as animals. It is amazing and haunting all in one.

    If you want superheroes though check out:

    The Dark Knight Returns - Written by Frank Miller (300 and Sin City). It's about an old Batman (he's 55 in the story) that comes out of retirement to take on crime and the US Government as a whole. This has the best Batman/Superman fight in DC history.

    Batman: A Death in the Family - Tells the tale of Jason Todd (the second Robin, between Dick and Tim) and how his death affects Batman

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  • 5 years ago

    V for Vendetta: excellent graphic novel, -so- much better than the movie. Also written by Alan Moore, who wrote Watchmen.

    I Am Legend, 1991 comic: A really cool horror-comic about a lone survivor in a world overrun by vampires. There's a movie version of this one as well, but they don't even begin to compare... totally different themes, totally different content. The comic book takes this awesome philosophical turn, the movie is just dumb.

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