Would a clean 2008 Outback w/150k mi be worth buying for winter?

My 2001 Pathfinder that already had 99k miles on it when I bought it in 2004 is beginning to disintegrate and needs more work than it is worth. My summer car is a 2012 MazdaSpeed3. Not much cash at the moment due to property taxes due soon.

A dealer has a very clean 2008 Outback w/150k miles on it and just wondering how much life it would have left in it for camping and winter use and what I should offer for it? It is currently listed for $7488.00 (US), but I cannot imagine that they gave more than $1500 for it as a trade-in.

I have not owned a Subaru for many years, but put 106k mi on an 80 GL 4WD wagon in 3 yrs and 138k mi on an 83 in 4 yrs without any issues (just 1 oil pressure sensor). And I did a lot of woods and prairie off roading with the 83.


PS: Waited a couple of weeks. Price came down to $6980 and they gave me $850 for the Pathfinder. They had replaced all fluids, filters, belts (including timing belt) and brake pads on the Outback. The only flaw was light surface rust on base model steel wheels that showed through the fake alloy wheel hubcaps. A stainless steel wire brush and black Rustoleum on a Saturday touched that up, so the whole car looks like new for about $2000 more than it would have cost to fix the old Pathfinder.

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  • Ian K
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    5 years ago
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    I picked up a 1997 for $475 a year and a half ago for a winter beater. Worked great, just needs upkeep. Wheel bearings, water pump/timing belt, etc.

    A 2008 should be good for a decade if you keep the rockers and wheel wells clean. Popping off the wheel trim and detailing it to keep out the sand and salt will keep the body from rusting for a while.

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