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in general can people die in 15mph-45 mph crashes? or is it usually at higher speeds?


* car crashes

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    It's usually in 15mph-45 mph crashes. Some can die in higher speeds, but that doesn't happen as often. Higher speed crashes usually occur where all the cars are going the same direction (such as the interstate highway system), so the relative speed is low. Death is more likely where cars are going different directions, especially at intersections, and that usually means a speed limit of 25-40 mph.

  • Barry
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    6 years ago

    Even in the most protected kinds of crashes with a modern car that has an engineered crush zone, air bags, the occupant is belted and the collision is with the front (most protected part) of the vehicle, a collision over 30 mph into a solid barrier or with another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction is a serious accident with a chance for injury and death. At speeds higher than that, the risk goes up sharply. At speeds lower than that, if you take away any of the ideal conditions above, death is a real possibility. There is nothing guaranteed "safe" about being in an accident, even though the "safety feature" marketing might make you think that.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    You can die in a 5 mph crash if you're unlucky.

    It's not so much how quickly you are going but how suddenly you stop.

    You may be strapped into your seat but your organs are floating around relatively unrestricted as per usual. They are also travelling at the same speed as the vehicle.

    If you stop suddenly by hitting a wall or tree, your seat belt will bring you body down from whatever speed you were doing and back to zero. Unfortunately there's nothing to slow your organs down, nothing that is apart from your rib cage. Your heart and lungs will smash into you ribs whilst your brain is bouncing around inside your skull.

    A pet sat on the back shelf or a bag or briefcase banging into the back of your head at 20mph also won't do it much good

    Life is very fragile. people die all the time from silly little things

  • Katie
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    6 years ago

    Depends on the age of the person who was hit - people have died of their injuries when the vehicle that hit them was doing 1mph.

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