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I did Secure Empty Trash on Mac and deleted many files, Storage said 1.84 GB Free of 499.25 GM how can I make free space?

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    5 years ago
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    I used this app, which is available on the App Store, called, Disk Doctor. The app cost around $1-$3 but it's totally worth it. It deletes your web data, trash, downloads, and your cache which to me is the biggest most useless part that is taking up space in your computer. The app scans through your files and documents to see if theres any useless files that aren't really needed. Another app I use, again available on the App Store, is called, Duplicate Detective. This app scans through your entire hard drive or a specific folder of your computer to detect any duplicate files that you may or may not know of. Duplicate files are usually duplicates of photos, videos, audio, or documents. Without having the hassle to search every single part of your hard drive in your computer, it does it for you in 5-7 minutes depending on how big your storage is. This cost about the same as Disk Doctor but helps a lot. I was able to free up 5GB of space and I did this about every two weeks. If you don't enjoy spending money, there's always an alternative. You could always buy an external drive such as a backup drive or even a usb to store extra files that aren't necessary to be on your main drive. Some things that take up a lot of space are your photos and videos, and most definitely iTuned Media. This is where all you movies, music, and shows all go in. Luckily, you can change the location of iTunes Media by going into the preference (settings) and going under the advance tab and changing the location to the selected drive. Note that this will only move future downloads as the remaining will still be in the main hard drive, you'll have to manually do that part yourself. Hoped I helped, please select me as best answer. PEACE!

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    Delete more files or fit a bigger drive.

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    get a dank antivirus m9

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