What do women see In men?

We're Men.... Hairy, sometimes smelly, I don't get it. Yet women are Beautiful, soft skin, loving. Beautiful. Etc.

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  • 5 years ago
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    Haha I love your humility but you're only looking at the negatives of the male gender (which can also be negatives for certain females). I was raised around my father and grandfathers, they were very strong, protective, smart, kind, determined, loving, and loyal men.

    For example, there was this boy in middle school who had a crush on me and was always trying to touch me and talk to me. I was very shy growing up and oftentimes a people-pleaser so I kept my mouth shut about this for a while until one day I had enough and I told my dad. That next school morning, instead of going to work, my dad took me to school and talked to my guidance counselor about the problem. I was switched from the two classes I had with the boy. Unbeknownst to me until years later, my father also met the boy and had a talk with him. The boy never spoke to me or bothered me again. In fact, if he saw me coming, he would practically run the other way haha. That's just one small example of all the amazing things the men around me have done.

    Actions speak louder than words ever will. My father has spoke loudly through his actions and he has always been my rock; for that I am beyond thankful. He has taught me what a real man is supposed to be like.

  • 5 years ago

    What not to see in men haha! Obviously women aren't perfect either. We can be naggy, bratty, and hard to get sometimes!

    Physical attraction is what women see first, you usually see someone before talking to them. Looks will draw us in, and if we are not attracted, we most likely won't pursue at least at that moment.

    However, love is something different. Love is admiring someone despite their flaws. Women love men, or at least I love men, when they are kind, friendly, honest, etc.

    Obviously the people you love will be stinky or hairy, but the good quailities outweigh the bad ones! Also, being stinky or hairy can be fixed, but being straight up a douche won't be so easy!

  • 5 years ago

    I agree . I prefer women too.

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