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If you mention someone in a direct message on Instagram will they be notified?

I was trying to send a direct message on IG to 28 people but soon realized the limit is 15 people. So, I tried to mention the remaining people in the message. I wasn't sure if that would work so I sent a direct message to my mom with my 2nd Instagram account and then mentioned myself. But, I wasn't notified at all. Is this a glitch on my phone or if you mentioned someone will they seriously not be notified at all?

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    If you send a dm(direct message) you can tag/mention people in the comments and the people who you sent the dm to can click on that persons username and look at their account. However if that person is mentioned but the dm has not been sent to them they cannot see it and will not get notified if they are mentioned in it. Hope this helped! X

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