Why isnt my car battery not lasting long enough?

I have a 2002 saab 9-5 she runs pretty well, but in the lasr 3 years I have changed 3 batteries lol today I changed the 3rd one

I just cam back from a vacation the car was parked for 45 days so when I jump start it, it works when I turn it off it doesn't turn back on. I took it to the garage and he said I need a new battery ... its only been 10 months why is this happening?

also my car cranks heavy when the engine is really hot so I give it a but of gas while cranking could this be the cause?

Also the red battery cable keeps getting hot is this normal? I cant tell if the heat is from the engine or there is a short circuit?

please help I love this car so much and I take good care of her so don't tell me to sell it or dump it.

thank you

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  • 4 years ago

    Check out my article http://econofix.com/battery.html On most modern cars there is a small drain on the battery even when the car is turned off (computer and electronic stuff), so if you're going to park it for more than a couple of weeks it would be a good idea to disconnect the negative battery terminal, or put it on a battery "maintenance charger", often called a "marine charger" because it is used to keep a battery charged when it's not in use. DO NOT leave a regular charger on the battery: it will mess it up. (boil it dry!) Fully discharging a battery will damage it. The battery may take a charge or a jump and APPEAR unaffected, but it is damaged and won't last as long as if it had been properly maintained and not allowed to be fully discharged. By the way, if the battery cable gets hot, the starter may be drawing too many amps: (bad starter). Many parts stores will do a starter draw test for free. A hot cable can also be from dirty terminals, but this will be hot close to the battery, and not as hot further down the cable. In the case of a dirty terminal, the terminal itself will be REALLY hot.

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    3 years ago

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  • 4 years ago

    Have you cleaned the battery cables? I'd not only clean the battery posts and the inside contact surfaces of the cable clamps but you also need to take the negative cable off the engine or transmission where it's grounding and clean the surfaces of the cable and where it bolts to. Then go have a starter draw test, battery test, and charging system test done by a good mechanic. You're going to burn out that starter motor if the cable is getting hot. You're not giving the motor more gas when pushing down the gas pedal. That's just opening the throttle body and letting more air in. You may have a leaking injector that's flooding the motor and it effects the motor more when it is hot. If you have a habit of filling the gas tank up all the way you may have flooded the carbon canister which will also make hot starts a problem.

    Source(s): Mitsubishi Master Tech
  • M.
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    4 years ago

    You need to be trained in how to care for your car, especially leaving it for 45 days. You need to disconnect the battery. But find out from Saab if your radio or security system will be disrupted if the battery is disconnected. Of course, you probably already know by now. Don't leave the car unused for more than a week with the battery connected.

    Source(s): Engine overhaul mechanic and electrical system expert, since 1972
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  • 4 years ago

    There are many places that do FREE charge system tests >>>BUT>>> the usual cause is INFERIOR BATTERY MAKING! The ONLY vatteries you should use should be either GENUINE FACTORY EUROPEQAN BAtteries OR japanese ONES! NEVER use those cheap AUTO ZONE batteries! a real euro BATERY SHOULD LAST FOR 10 OR MORE yearS! Most AUto store BATTERIES ARE NOT WORTH NIT AT ALL! cALL 1-800-=all-euro AND HAVE THEM sen YOU A REAL BATERY IF YOU CANNOT FIND ONE! stOP AT A vw,benz<OR bmw DEALERWSHIP! a real european ATTERY WILL have REAL caps on it for testing! Nearly all OTHER BATTERIES ARE JUST junk AND CANNNOT HANDL THE power OF european gRADE charging systems! They FRY insde! lIKE ALL OTHER THIGNS IT IS all ABOUT quality AND NOT about QUANTITY! I am a fo0rmer SAAB technician and know them very well! A CHEAP BATTERY will strain the electonics in the ALTERNAOTR,BRSHES and VOLTAGE REGULATOR as well! It can even BURN up expensive computers as well! You shoudld NEVER use VA:LVOLINE o PRESTONE EITHER! EUROEPAN OILS are HIGHER in development and will protect for up to TWO YEARS! VALVOLINE ruins TURBOS an stresses out BEARINGS over time! EUROEPAN OILand FULES are LOW in sulfur and have a different whol philosophy behind them! I have been through the MILL with EBNZ batteries as well supplied y AUTO ZONE! They only warranty for TWO YEARS and are JUNK! A REAL euro battery is only about $130-140 and worth EVERY CENT! YOu are NOT driving a BUICK or push ro chevy here! You MIGHT alwso have a DRAIN somewhere in the chassis and MAY need a full ELEVTRICAL EXAM! You are even better off with a good USED REAL EUROPEAN BATTERY from a JUNK YARD<that came from a smashed up car!Another thing to do is to rid the car of ORANGE DEXCOOL COOLANT as it is NOT compatile with EUROPEAN GASKETS! USE AUDI or BMW coolant instead! I have TEN or more saabs out there that DIED rom the use of dEXCOOL and the wr0ong oiltpes based on WAX! Look up RAENOL on teh web and order some! Use BLAUPARTS! PENTOSYNTH and LIQUI MOLY and TOTAL ENERGY OIL from . FRANCE are also SUPERB> Expect 350 k miles + from your saab,but FIRST realizze that anythiing from GM must be REMOVED! CLEAN BATTERY CABLES with sandpaper or plastic steel wool! SCOTCH BRITE! If there is deterioration,,replace with REAL SAAB cables ONLY! NOT AUTO ZONE junker parts! GM used a few SAAB engiens in the CADDY and other cars as well! The V^ came from OPEL!~>>>>POWEr WASH under the hood and keep it FACTORY SHOWROOM FLOOR CLEAN using GUNK orange engien cleaner! E-MAIL me back with your results! BYE NOW1

  • 4 years ago

    Ladies & Gentlemen

    In my Boat, I have mounted a very large , open and easy to see, electrical switch of copper, that is allways switched off when we leave the boat or stop the engine. Now I have done it also in the car.

    The rule says that a flat battery costs half a year at least of battery life.

  • 4 years ago

    The battery cables should not be getting hot. Presuming the alternator is working then something is drawing down the battery. Buy an inexpensive multi meter and one that reads amps drawn. With the engine off connect it to the battery and see if there is a draw - something using power. If there is take it to a mechanic. With the ignition switch off there should be no draw.

    • There is always draw if there is a clock in the car, and the memory for the radio depends on constant voltage also. Sometimes a clock will take many more milliamps than it should, reducing the time a battery can last just sitting there.

  • 4 years ago

    Disconnect the negative side battery cable and hook up a test light from the negative battery post to the negative cable (or ground it to the frame). Pull the fuse to the radio and be sure the dome light is off. The test light should stay off unless there is a short circuit in the system. If the light is on, pull and replace the fuses one at a time. If the light goes out, that is the circuit that has the short.

  • Trevor
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    4 years ago

    You have a short circuit in the ignition wiring which is slowly draining the Battery when it is switched off as wekll as the Hot red cable. You need an Aito Electrician to sort the problem, not a mechanic.

  • 4 years ago

    Have the charging/starter motor system checked. When the car is up on lift at the service centre have the mechanic check, then invite you underneath car to verify, for main battery cable connection ring terminal lug short circuits to the starter motor/soleniod body. Fix/rectify fault with high ratio heat shrink insulation sleeving.

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