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My boyfriend's Homecoming Dance is coming up on October at his high school. He lives in Montgomery Texas and I live in Houston. So nervous.?

His grandparents is taking us, his dad died.

His mom is blind and his older brother is with his wife and his daughter, His older sister still in her apartment,

His little sister lives with their aunt and uncle and cousins around the corner from me.

My boyfriend lives MontgomHe is senior at his schoolery TX with his grandparents, his mom and his little brother

He is senior at his school and I am a Freshmen in College.

What time I will be take a hot long bubble bath.

Which restaurant we will for Dinner?

Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Chili's, TGI Friday's,

BJ's, The Cheesecake Factory, Rudy Tuesday,

Trulucks or Perry's Steakhouse?

What color for Homecoming Dance for me and my boyfriend?

All of Restaurants is closed in Conroe Texas at 11pm

Homecoming Dance is over at 11pm

Please Help?!?!

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    relax.. enjoy please. least the family is for it.


    oh, bring the cameras.. make those videos!

    have a good time.

    someone in the family should opt to make a 'reception' with simple finger foods and such. maybe you share your concerns.

    someone is going to understand.

    again, take pictures and videos!

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