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What should i do?

This week my high school has tennis tryouts. After playing JV for 3 years. This year I'm gonna be a senior so I thought Im gonna be Varsity. I practiced everyday this summer. Since Tuesday I been playing JV matches and I asked the new coach if I will ever play Varsity doubles due to my friend is in Varsity doubles and wanted to be with her. She said I will be Varsity 5th doubles but also a manager due to the JV coach thinks I not varsity doubles material. I won 2/3 JV matches and want to challenge with my level. Should I quit or should I stay on the team. Every senior played V matches except me.

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    I would stay on the team. It's your senior year, just enjoy it! Unless you want to say FU to your coach, then quit and join a different team. I like the first option though.

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