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Rap & Hip Hop: Did Black Thought just murder a trap beat???? (BQ's)?

Pretty weird coming from me right? Actually enjoying a track with a trap beat lol. Thought just released a track with STS and Truck North (I believe they are two Philly rappers) and they all spit over this trap type beat. Thought did his thing like usual of course, dropped another murderous verse that was longer than 16 bars. I definitely like this verse better than his verse on Money Makes Us Happy by Skyzoo. Tell me what you think?

BQ1: Rate Thoughts verse?

BQ2: Rate the track in general?

BQ3: Did you hear abut the Corny Ol' Funk Volume challenge other rap record labels like TDE, Slaughterhouse, GOOD Music, and Shady Records to battle for 500k? What is your take on this?


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    lol that ain't no trap beat, far from it. Thought's verse is a little too long but he definitely went in on it.

    BQ: 8/10

    BQ2: 6/10 I love the way they used the sample and the verses are dope but the song itself runs way too long and it could have used a hook.

    BQ3: I'm just going to wait until Lupe Fiasco responds and then Hopsin will say that his comments were taken out of context lol. These "real rappers" are all talk these days.

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  • 5 years ago

    I wouldn't exactly say it's trap, although I can see why you might think so. The style of drumming is reminiscent sure, but the instrumentation isn't really muddy enough to qualify...the introduction of piano near the end brings it pretty close though.

    BQ: 7/10

    BQ2: It's alright...I like the drums but it sounds like for a single it's begging a little bit better mastering. A little long. Interesting to see Black Thought flip some different styles for the track though.

    BQ3: Nah I had no idea....but it's pretty damn stupid if you ask me. What a way to throw five hunnid thou to the wind.

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  • 5 years ago

    Your a hypocrite and a Black Thought d!ckrider. The trap beat was horrible and Thought gets so many free passes from dropping so many mediocre lines. get over yourself. no one cares and leave the section because your opinion is irrelevant to everyone on here.

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  • 5 years ago

    "Don't give me no lip like a Mustache"


    It was aight not dope but I can **** with it

    BQ1 7.5

    BQ2 7

    BQ3 Nah


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      It wasn't dope? You must be retarded

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  • Shadam
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    5 years ago

    Been postin bout sts

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  • 5 years ago

    Wow, I might become a fan now.

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  • Hello again RHH.

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