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What would you do if you were me?

I'm 19 she's 21. One grade above me. We went to the same elementary, middle , and high school. Her 8th grade year I suddenly had a huge crush on her. At first she didn't care but soon became interested. I never talked to her, all we ever did was look and eye each other. She came to like me for a while or was at least interested in me. It was silly; I was shy, unconfident, and had poor social skills. This went on until she went to high school. Once I got to High School I still had a crush on her and we would still eye each other every so often. My freshman year I had a class with her but still never said anything. Eventually she got a boyfriend then her senior year they broke up and I Facebooked her if we could talk because I wanted to tell her how I feel. We texted, planned to hang out numerous times and I bailed because I was still insecure and scared. When she went to college In a different state I texted her and told her how I felt all those years. She never responded granted She had a new BF at the time. A year later she texted me back apologizing for not responding to my heart. She told me she saw a beautiful Godly man in me, that she's a great listener if I ever wanted to talk. I said thanks and that's it. A year later and I'm still thinking about her. We've barley even talked. We've been around each other but never really talked in person. I haven't talked to her in a year. I've talked to other girls but why do i keep thinking of this one? Am I just being delusional?

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    It's not that you're delusional mate.

    This is one-itis.

    Where you think she is the ONE. No one else compares and it is due to lack of experienc in life, a sheltered life, a life of bs personally. A life of comfort zone.

    The reason is, there is a difference between talking to girls and dating them, fking them. I mean hot attractive girls not just any girl you see.

    I use to like this girl but I found she got a boyfriend and she wasn't taking interest in me. She later also apologised and said if I want to tlak, she's there to listen.

    I was like, "fk that shhit. I'm not wasting time with her."

    So what I did is I hit the gym, got hot clothes, looked damn good and approached attractive girls that were so hot, made me feel intimidated at first, but I went for it.

    The moment I did, believe...that girl was out of my fking head mate.

    I was surprised why though.

    Until I realised!

    I now HAD OPTIONS.

    I now has girls more attractive than her, dating them, getting laid, having fun, that made her man look like nothing. Then one day, she called me and said..

    This girl - Hey, how you doing. Listen like to drink and chill?

    Me - Sorry busy, maybe next time

    This girl - Oh. I really, you know, like you and..

    Me - Yeah but I moved on. Look. How about next week ok.

    This girl -Erm ok.

    I met her a week later after phone call and I thought to myself while with her..

    "what the hell was I so into this girl for?"

    THat's because I had options mate. That's because I went out in world and I am dating WOMEN not just girls. Career marketing sexy, tall, curvy hot women and she found out too.

    Anyway, I was now experienced, had time, escalated, even isolated her in park, kissed, and fked her behind bushes next to tree.

    After that, well, didn't want to know anymore. I moved on.

    You see what I am getting at mate.

    Human nature to want something that is a challenge and can't get.

    But moment you do get this girl or whatever - it ain't that anymore.

    You're not putting the girl on some pedestal anymore. You have sex with her and kaboom - you realise she ain't different than most girls anyway.

    All because.....she's new, she's a callenge, she is a girl you can't get.

    Moment you get what you can't get - well, the mystery is gone.

    That is why girls love a challenge and chase guys WHO HAVE GIRLS CHASING THEM!

    When anyone has no options, when they haven't got experience in dating more attractive women than her, when a guy thinks SHE'S THE ONE....this guy becomes needy, clingy, always thinking about this one girl. This guy doesn't get it. He has yet to live.

    But moment you got 10 hot girls chasing you - believe, you ain't going to even bother with her or even think that hard about her.

    So you're not delusional.

    You just didn't do shhit to move on the way I did.

    Try it and you'll be surprised you ain't thinking about her much if ever. It be just HISTORY, past, not much to even ponder on.

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