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Do I have adware?

On my PC, this didn t use to happen. I havent downloaded anything odd but there is always popups saying your computer has been infected with a virus and to call a phone number.

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    1) Don't call that number

    2) Yes, you have a problem.

    Go to and search for "malwarebytes" and "spybot search and destroy". These two free programs are what I use to fight most problems.

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    Exactly these are called the adware, Adware is the advertising-supported software that renders advertisements displays coupons, advertisements and sponsored links via a pop-up box on Google, Amazon, Facebook and other shopping websites that you are visiting. It comes into your PC unknowingly and annoys you with unwanted ads. Remove the adware into your PC with antivirus software and run a full scan into your PC.

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    Well, your computer may be infected with an ad-supported extension or software. Try searching <Get Rid of "YOU HAVE BEEN INFECTED WITH A VIRUS, CALL THIS NUMBER NOW" Completely> for a solution.

    Always be caution when surfing the web and do not click any suspicious pop-ups.

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