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Rate my fantasy football team?

QB - Eli Manning

WR - Dez Bryant

WR - DeAndre Hopkins

RB - LeSean McCoy

RB - Mark Ingram

FLEX - Brandon Marshall

TE - Martellus Bennett

DEF - Seattle

BENCH - Sam Bradford

BENCH - Danny Woodhead

BENCH - Nelson Agholor

BENCH - Fred Jackson

BENCH- Kenny Stills

BENCH - Austin Seferian-Jenkins

I was picking 11th out of 12 teams. What do you think? I won the league last year, chance of repeat?


Forgot to mention that it's a PPR league.

3 Answers

  • 5 years ago
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    For a 12 team league, you ended up with a great set of receivers and backs. Ingram and mccoy is a very good combo and dez is obviously a beast. Hopkins is the number one in houston so he should be an excellent number 2 as well. Plus, he's rated as a top 20 receiver in both PPR and standard leagues. Im surprised you were able to get these 4 guys in a 12 team league as that would be a respectable set of RB/WR in a 10 team. Eli and bennett should be fine at their respective positions. However, your bench is pretty weak and i wouldn't be happy starting marshall as my flex with the shaky jets offense, although i would definitely hang on to him since he could easily be a solid fantasy player. The flex spot is really important so you need to try to grab some guys with upside that can become important players on their teams, since your depth after your starters is thin. Obviously this is the case for most teams in a 12 team league but the guys who find the low risk high upside guys that pan out are the ones who win. Try to get some players like yeldon, coleman, blue, etc. who won't cost much but can potentially become no. 1 backs that you can use at flex or on bye weeks. Some receivers i would target are davante adams, charles johnson and other middle tier players with upside. If you are a few weeks into the season and really needing some depth then maybe you could trade someone for a bunch of these types of players, but you should initially just make sure you are watching the waiver wire since you don't have much trade bait outside of your top guys. Overall i think you have a pretty good team. if marshall has a good season, or you find some other flex starter then i think it will be a great team.

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  • 5 years ago

    I would throw out some 2 for 1 trade offers..

    I really do not like B.Marshall as a Jet.

    I like Stills & Agholar BETTER.

    So,you could afford to package Marshall & Ingram for 1 RB like Forte,or Jeremy Hill,& I think you should do this,then start Stills,or Agholar in your flex.

    You have a very average team,it needs spiced up with some POW!

    And,Bradford may have been a great pick if he starts,& stays healthy.I would even platoon him with Eli.Chip Kelly QBs almost always put up good lines.Even Tebow could be productive behind center in PHI.

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  • 5 years ago

    Your bench is definitely weak, a lot of those players on your team though are good, especially out of a 12 team.

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