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How can I lose 42kg of body fat??

I am 28 male and my current weight is 113kg. I want to lose 42kg and have been doing 30 minutes treadmill 5 days a week for 8 weeks and nothing has change.

I am vegetarian and only having breakfast and dinner (skipping lunch) and consuming under 2100 calories

what else can I do to reduce weight?????

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    The first problem is your exercise, it simply isn't intense enough, especially if you are walking or jogging rather than running.

    Intensity of your exercise is far more important than time spent doing exercise. The most effective fat burning exercise is High Intensity training such as circuit training or bootcamp. Sprinting can also be considered as such, because really it's anything where you apply a large amount of effort for a short period of time followed by a short rest interval. Ditch the treadmill, get outside and jog, sprint, jog, sprint and repeat. Or find a local circuit training class, these can be very supportive.

    As for diet, maybe you are not eating frequently enough. The problem with only eating twice per day is that the periods in between meals are where your body is conserving energy (stored as fat). Instead try and have something at lunch as well as the other two, even just something like a yoghurt with fruit.

    Other things to consider are, how much water are you drinking? Not drinking enough water can hinder weight loss goals but also drinking a lot means you carry water weight so you might not see much change on the scales but still be burning fat and looking better. Also an exercise regime can encourage muscle growth, muscle is heavier than fat so as with the water you might burn fat but not see much change on the scales.

    Take other measurements, such as around the waist. Also take some progress pictures for you to compare against in a few weeks. You might be pleasantly surprised at the difference!

    Source(s): Lots of sources on Google, with a dash of life experience
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    Did you lose weight?

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    try Herbalife nutrition...

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