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Is It Normal For Skin To Turn Red After Using Apple Cider Vinegar?

I've been using some old apple cider vinegar on my face lately for acne. My mom bought a new bottle from the store, and I've soaked cotton balls in it and applied it to my face. After My face red for like almost about an hour. I wont try diluting it because I want the full effect of the apple cider. I'm completely sure it's not and allergy, because I've tried this before and this was a strong fresh new bottle. so straight to the point is this normal?

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    You're burning your face. Apple cider vinegar is acid diluted. Don't use that on your face, especially not if it's burning you. Wash your face and apply some aloe or something. My kids use peroxide on their faces with a cotton ball. It can be overdone too, it can also dry skin out. I find that with the young kid's faces they're so oily that it doesn't dry them out and does help a lot with acne and is very cheap. Don't get it in your hairline though. It can bleach your hair over time. The peroxide actually works better on their skin than an expensive prescription they were using.

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    It's vinegar. You're putting it on your skin. Yeah, it's normal for your skin to be irritated.

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    It happend zo me too..don't worry and put someslice of cucember on it for an disappears

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    If the bottle is new this seems normal. Vinegar is acidic so it will be irritating.

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