catfished??!!! So i met a girl on a social site. Hours later we are on the phone talking and texting non stop. She send me few pics and was really good looking. She lives a hour away so few days later i went visit her. When she came out of the house i immediately said to myself wtf?!.. I could tell it was the same girl but maybe she sent me old pictures. The whole time i was hanging with her i was just saying to myself this isnt what i was expecting. I could tell its same girl but those pics had to be when she was in her prime maybe 1-2 years ago. Drove home unhappy. Was i catfished? sure feel like it

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago
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    No you weren't Catfished if you could tell it was the same girl as in her pic. What probably happened is the pictures you saw of her were her photoshopped. I would in fact say a majority of the girls you see online photoshop there pics making themselves look way way better then they actually look like in person. So my guess is this is what happened here.

  • DK52
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    5 years ago

    In her prime one to two years ago? o.O

    If you can tell she is the same person in the photos sent to you then no, you weren't catfished.

    A catfish is someone using someone else's pictures altogether. What you were although I think your perception of reality might be a tad altered, you were tricked by pictures taken at a earlier date.

  • 5 years ago

    Yes, you were. Because she didn't send accurate pictures of how she looked now. Therefore, you were deceived.

  • coco
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    5 years ago

    two years is nothing bro.

    just be happy that it was not a dude on the other end

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