How do you remove Krazy Glue/Headphone plug out of AudioJack?

Recently, my headphones broke off inside my front audio port and when I searched how to get it out it said to use a Toothpick/Q-Tip/Stick and some super glue to do the job but something went wrong. As I applied it to the toothpick (with the tip cut iff ) and then inserted it into the port, nothing was working.

I would assume the toothpick maybe wasnt the ideal tool or maybe even the possibility that the glue didnt get on the tip but it just wasnt doing it. It was in fact sticking but... Not to the broken plug. As i removed it i noticed the glue had filled the port (NOT COMPLETELY). Which brings me to my questions: assuming i missed any vital steps, which ones did i miss, and how can i do it correctly, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, how would you go about getting the glue out?

I know Nail Polish remover gets it out but idk how to go about it when its inside.

Anything can help, i just want to see what i can do as last resorts before i take it to get repaired, which is what im trying to avoid.


1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    That was ege nost stupid suggestuin to remove it, Now you need to take the machine in to have new port fitted,

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