What are some baby names (both girls and boys) with a soft and peaceful feel to them?

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  • 4 years ago
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    Here is one for almost every letter of the alphabet for each letter:

    A: boy- Allan, girl- Amelia

    B: boy- Baldwin, girl- Belle

    C: boy- Charlie, girl- Claire

    D: boy- Daniel, girl- Delia (dee-lee-uh)

    E: boy- Elliot, girl- Emma

    F: boy- Flynn, girl- Felicia

    G: boy- Gavin, girl- Gracelynn

    H: boy- Hayden, girl- Heaven

    I: boy- nothing, girl- Isla (eye-luh)

    J: boy- Jace, girl- Julia

    K: boy- Kyle, girl- Kelly

    L: boy- Logan, girl- Laurel

    M: boy- Marley, girl- Melanie

    N: boy- Noah, girl- Noelle

    O: boy- Oliver, girl- Oliviana

    P: boy- Paul, girl- Paisley

    Q: boy- Quinn, girl- nothing

    R: boy- Ross, girl- Rachelle (ruh-shell)

    S: boy- Samuel, girl- Sophia

    T: boy- nothing, girl- Talia

    U: boy- nothing, girl- nothing

    V: boy- nothing, girl- Valena

    W: boy- William, girl- Willow

    X: boy- nothing, girl- nothing

    Y: boy- nothing, girl- nothing

    Z: boy- nothing, girl- Zara

    Favorite Names/Combos:

    Girl: Claire Noelle and Melanie Heaven

    Boy: Baldwin Flynn and Logan Ross

    Good luck!

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    4 years ago

    Boys: Noah, Jeremy, Oliver

    Girls: Noelle, Melody, Ainsley

  • 4 years ago

    Serena for sure. Every time I hear the name Serena I think of a calm, blue, sparkling, ocean. It does mean serene;calm. I will name my daughter Serena one day!

    I cant really think of a soft and peaceful boys name. I like Ronan. I think of a sweet little boy who is sweet and has a huge heart. Reminds me of the song by Taylor Swift called Ronan about a little boy who passed with cancer but he was a sweet little warrior. The song is soft and peaceful so thats why i recommend this name.

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  • 4 years ago

    Shiloh, Jordan, Logan, Selah, David, Zoe, Chloe, Daphne, Evan, Ivy, Drew.

    Best wishes and blessings.

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