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Is investigation Real? It had some girl who's trying to look like Nicki Minja, some dark hair white guy with blue eyes on it.?


Nicki Minja is " light" color skin. She isn't " dark" color skin. And Cone.. doesn't have blue eyes. He has brownish eyes. My mother watches that show. How is that a real investigation show? It isn't a Sag Sun with Cone. It isn't Nicki Minja.

Nicki Minja is light color black skin. Not darker black skin. I think you people are misunderstood when I said. " I see J'. It isn't Jay- z.

Update 2:

You need to stop harassing me on air. You're everywhere. Bugging me about looking similar to Jessica Alba. Yes.. that girl looks similar to Nicki Minaj. But.. she isn't Nicki Minja.

Update 3:

I have 149,158 people harassing me online, and on t.v. This is why I don't watch t.v. It isn't a Sag Sun with cone, and it isn't balance with cone. I saw the monster high Shriek dolls that they created. It looks like Capri Abdo on it. Just like you put the porn sites of " screwing" Jason from Sum-41. I thought Caprio Abdo was miss Virgin, so innocent.

Jason doesn't like her. She's jealous of my face, and it shows. I can tell by the boxes on Monster HIgh dolls. Stop trying to compete with me,

Update 4:

it shows on the boxes. Just like being desperate, and telling people.. that Tracy Melgard, and my brothers ex girlfriend Christy.. is being a screw buddy of cones. I can tell by trying to be Miss Keroleen. Keroppi's girlfriend. Christy has a Virgo Sun. She thinks.. her Virgo sun. Is her with CONE. Even though Cone has the same SUN sign as her. She thinks.. it's her SUN. Her Kid, and his Girlfriend. See.. what I'm saying about using people's names, and miss understanding. A narcasstic person

Update 5:

believes it's her or him.

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    Yeah I've seen funny commercials on tv sometimes. Sometimes they make me sad... Alot of people dislike me because of jealousy and hatred towards me. I really don't care. I know who they are and they are just behaving like monkeys.

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    6 years ago

    Ohhh... " BOY". If you know who they're, and are aware of it. Welp. Sweet-heart. You got the looks, the brain. So. I'm just going to leave it alone. If you know who they're, they're acting like monkeys. I'll just leave it up to you Nicki or who ever is wrote this. Oh. Geesh. So.. it's the commercials. It does make me sad. too. This is why I don't watch t.v. If the t.v is on. It's my parents who are watching it. Not.. me. I'm usually on the computer or making stuff. Sometimes.. people pretend to be me online, use my face.

    Ya. Well I think it's your " confidence", and if anyone "likes" me. I guess.. they hate them 2. It's all " power, control". People in my past stopped being friends with me or wanting to be " close" to me from being " bullied" by this Nick Wellner kid.

    Nick intimidated them, and made them distance them self from me. He made it sound like I was the problem, and I'm the one everyone should avoid. He isolated me in this house, prevented me from making friendships. Everytime I tried to make friendships.. they avoided me, told me I'm the one with the problems. I kept venting to them about the issues, Nick kept playing games, hiding himself but doing malicious stuff behind my back, telling others to harass me.

    So. I stopped trying to make friendships, and new ones. And I prevented myself from making friendships due to the fact i didn't want to endanger those people's lives. My Best Friend Jenny is afraid of him, and intimidated by him, his friends.

    They threw crap inside her car, started stalking her home and following me and her around. She said she was afraid of him, and I told her I wasn't.

    His friends kept screaming, calling me a " whore" outside of the car. He would never " confront" me or attack me. He's always gotta have other people do it. Like a Loser, and sick person he is. My friend distant herself from me, but at the same time she isn't that great of a best friend.

    She's arrogant, full of herself. She talks about herself when I am in danger, and I'm venting or I need help. So. I decided to distance myself from her because she's got problems of her own, and vanity is one of them. She's also disabled.

    I can't wait till he's dead, even my real father wants him dead. He say's he's holding me back in life, causing mental disturbance, paranoia towards me by playing games, harassing me. He say's one day he will get murdered or over dose on drugs.

    He's become a " burden" in my life, and is trying to make me go nuts.

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