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Can I become fluent from my intermediate level in Spanish through speaking with natives?

I can't take Spanish IV at my school and I want to become fluent. I still don't know tenses like the Subjective and Indicative, and I don't think I can learn them on my own. Is it possible for me to learn them through reading and speaking in Spanish (with natives)?

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  • 6 years ago
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    And how are you going to speak with the natives? Are you going to Spain or Mexico or Puerto Rico? People in the States often speak "Spanglish" and you may not know the difference. You don't want to become fluent in that or you'll only be able to talk to people on the streets in the States. Erik Estrada learned Spanglish on the streets of NYC and when he was asked to do a Novela in Mexico he had to go through a crash course in Spanish. Perhaps you can ask one of your Spanish teachers to tutor you. That would be great since you'd learn conversation. Watching Spanish TV might help if you can use it though. My husband, who's from Puerto Rico, said that watching TV helped him a lot, especially the Price Is Right for some reason. He got to use it though when he stopped watching TV which is the key, I think.

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    6 years ago

    I am puzzled. The indicative and imperative moods are introduced in Spanish I, and the subjunctive mood in Spanish II at the latest. How could you have gotten to an intermediate level without knowing the basic verb forms?

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