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Hi, I am currently going into 10th grade and I am planning on applying for the university of michigan. What do I need to get into those programs? Unfortunately, this year I was going through some very hard times in life and ended the year with a 2.2 GPA (YIKES I KNOW). What GPA do I need to get this year in 10th grade to get it back up? my extra curricular activities are really good. I manage to do very well in them and I am not to worried about that. I am very determined to get my academics up and I achieve many things when I'm determined.What do you think about my life choses? I would like to be a musical theatre performer, photo/broadcast journalist or set designer. With the tiny bit of information I gave, do you think I have a small chance?

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    Google: "university of Michigan acceptance rate"

    And "University of Michigan GPA. ACT"

    Lots of sites will pop up with average scores from incoming freshmen

    They will want your unweighted cumulative GPA at the end of junior year.

    You have two years to get your cumulative GPA up. That means stellar grades this year. EC are important , but UM is going to put more weight to grades than anything else. No matter how good your EC are if you don't have the grades you are not getting in.

    Plan on taking the ACT twice. Most students score higher the second time.

    According to data I pulled up 33% of 46,813 applications were accepted.

    For musical theater major or minor you will need to audition

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