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Is the position of Certified Medical Assistant going extinct?

I hear things like Cna people are taking over the roll. I can easily switch my credits over for an associates in CMA. But is it worth it? Will there be jobs?

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    Some hospitals are actually hiring CNAs with cross-training in phlebotomy (drawing blood) and EKG (electrocardiogram) testing, also referred to as a patient care technician (PTC) or multi-skilled technician (MST), as opposed to "just" someone with CNA skills. (The medical assistant tends to learn EKG and phlebotomy in the course, but one should check with the program's director beforehand.)

    Please be aware that there are *not* supposed to be too many jobs for medical assistants due to so many training programs available. Most doctor's offices prefer MAs with at least a year of work experience, and a lot of offices may only hire one or two MAs at a time as well.

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    No, CNAs are not filling that role. CNAs have a very limited scope of what they can do.

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