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Why are most murders committed by gun and not poison?

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago
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    Many people are simply not versed in the world of poisons. Also, poisons are hard to come by and one must be creative with the poison, plant it etc. Some common poisons include:

    Acrylonitrile (Cyanide-like)

    Aniline (inhaled or absorbed)

    Antimony trichloride (vapor)

    Arsenic (Paris Green, Rat Poison, Ant Paste, Fowler`s solution)

    Atropine (Bella Donna, Homatropine, Hyoscine, Hyoscyamine, Jimson Weed, Scopolamine)

    Amytal, Barbital, Dial, Ipral, Pentobarbital, Phenobarbital, Seconal, Veronal O.D.'s


    Oil of Bitter Almonds (Cyanide)

    Black Leaf 40 (nicotine)

    Bromine (vapor)

    Cadmium (vapor, death delayed 4 hrs.)

    Cantharides (Spanish Fly) from vet., O.D.

    Carbon disufide (vapor, liquid)

    Carbon tetrachloride (phosgene vapor)

    Cathartic pills

    Cherry Laurel Water (cyanide)


    Copper Sulfate (Bluestone)

    Curare (Introcostrin, used by vets)

    Cyanogen (Ethanedinitrile, Dicyan, Oxalic Acid Dinitrile) Bromine Cyanid,

    Cyanogen chloride, Iodine cyanide, Prussic Acid, Sodium\Potassium cyanide)

    Ethylene Chlorohydrin (liquid, vapor)

    Ethyl mercury chloride, Ethyl mercury phosphate, Ethyl mercury (solid, liquid, vapor)

    Fire extinguisher fluid (contains:Carbon tet., Methyl Bromide, Chloroform)

    Roach Poisons (1080, Sodium monofluoracetate, Sodium fluosilicate)

    Freon (when heated by flame)

    Metallic hydrides (arsine, Phosphine, Stipine gasses)

    Metacide (Parathion)

    Morphine (Xodeine, Paregoric, Laudanum, Dilaudid, Heroin O.D.'s)

    Nicotine sulfate


    Oxalic Acid & Oxalates (Radiator cleaner, delayed death)

    Parathion (E-605, Thiphos, Thiophosphate)

    Phosphorus-white (Fireworks and foreign match-heads rat poisons)

    Phosgene (Carbon tet., Chloroform in contact with flame)

    Tetrachloroethane (acetylene tetrachloride)

    Tetraethyl pyrophoshate (TEPP)

    Thallium (Thalgrain rat poison)

    Toxaphene (Chlorinated camphene)

    Toluidine (vapor)

    As for plant poisons:

    Autumn Crocus: The bulbs cause vomiting and nervous excitement.

    Azaleas: All parts produce nausea, vomiting, respiratory distress, prostration and coma. Fatal.

    Be Still Tree: All parts produce lower blood pulse, vomiting and shock. Fatal.

    Bleeding Hearts: Foliage and roots, fatal in large amounts.

    Buttercups: All parts may severely injure the digestive system.

    Camara: Green berries affects lungs, kidneys, heart and nervous system. Fatal.

    Campanilla : Be Still Tree (q.v.)

    Camotillo: Deadly Toxic. (Solanine) Fatal.

    Castor Beans: Produces vomiting, purgation, delirioun and coma. Contains ricin. Fatal.

    Common Oleander: All parts toxic attacks heart. Fatal.

    Cherries: Wild and domestic twigs and foliage. Releases cyanide when eaten. Shortness of breath, excitement and fainting within minutes. Fatal.

    China Berry Tree: Attacks nervous system via fruit. Narcotic.

    China Tree: China Berry Tree (q.v.)

    Crab's Eye: Seeds, subcutaneous emplacement. Fatal within four hours.

    Crow Fig: Seed produce convulsions. Contains strychnine and brucine.

    Daphne: Berries have killed children. Fatal.

    Diefenbachia: All parts produce burning and irritation to tongue and mouth. Swollen tongue may block throat death can occur. (Under circustances, fatal.)

    Divine Mushroom: Produces hyper sensitivity, hallucinations and melancholia for several hours. Deliriant.

    Dutchman's Breeches: Bleeding Hearts (q.v.)

    Dumb Cane: Diefenbachia (q.v.)

    East Indian Snakewood: Produces convulsions. Contains strychnine and brucine. (Death possible due to exhaustion.)

    Elderberry: All parts except berry produce vomiting and digestive distress.

    Elephant Ear: Diefenbachia (q.v.)

    False Upas Tree: All parts produce convulsions. Contains strychnine and brucine. (Death possibel due to exhaustion.)

    Fish Poison Tree: Excites nervous system, causes spasms followed by deep sleep. Contains piscidine.

    Foxglove: Leaves stimulate the heart. Contains digitalis. Produces circulation disorder and confusion; may be fatal.

    Gabon Arrow Poison: Produces incapacitation through vomiting and purgation. Contains strophanthin and incine.

    Gloriosa Superba: All parts contain narcotic superbine and deadly poison colchicine (fatal dose 3 grains).

    Golden Chain: Bean-like seed capsules induce staggering, convulsions and coma. May be fatal.

    Guiana Poison Tree: CURARE taken from bark. Contains curare, strychnine and brucine. Produces respiratory collapse. Fatal - 1 hour.

    Hyacinth: Bulbs produce vomiting and purgation. Exhaustion may be fatal.

    Ipecacuanha: Root is powerful emetic also depressant.

    Iris: Stems cause severe but not fatal digestive distress.

    Jack-in-the-Pulpit: Roots contain crystals of calcium oxalate that cause intense irritation to mouth and tongue (similar to dumbcane)

    Jamaican Dogwood: Fish Poison Tree (q.v.)

    Jasmine: The berries produce severe nervous and digestive upest. Can be Fatal.

    Jequiritz Bean: Crav's Eye (q.v.)

    Jimson Weed: All parts cause delirium. Has proven fatal.

    Kachita: Crow Fig (q.v.)

    Lantana: Camara (q.v.)

    Larkspur: Seeds and young plants produce severe nervous and digestive upset. May be fatal.

    Laurels: Azaleas (q.v.)

    Mayapple: Roots contain 16 active toxic substances. Fruit may cause diarrhea.

    Mexican Tuber: Camotillo (q.v.) Mistletoe: Berries - Fatal.

    Monkshood: Roots produce digestive upset and nervous excitement.

    Moonseed: Berries may be fatal.

    Narcissus: Hyacinth (q.v.)

    Nightshade: Unrie berries produce intense digesive and nervous upset. Fatal.

    Nux Vomica Tree: Crow Fig (q.v.)

    Oaks: Foliage and acorns affect kidneys; symptoms delayed days or weeks. Pain and discomfort.

    Oleander: Leaves and branches produce upset and induce heart attacks. Fatal. Extremely poisonous.

    Ololiuqui: Jimson Weed (q.v.)

    Poinsettia: Leaves Fatal. (One leaf will kill a child.)

    Poison Hemlock: All parts. Used as an executionary plant in ancient times. Fatal.

    Poison Ivy: Milky sap is skin irritant. Contains toxicodendrol.

    Poison Nut: Crow Fig (q.v.)

    Poison Tanghin: Causes voniting purgation and paralysis a.k.a. Ordeal Tree for obvious reasons. Contains cerberin and tanghinine. May be fatal.

    Potato: Vines and foliage produce severe digestive and nervous disorers. Contains alkaloid poisons.

    Pride of India: China Berry Tree (q.v.)

    Psychic Nut: Raw seeds produce violent purgation; death caused by exhaustion.

    Red Sage: Camara (q.v.) Rhubarb: Leaf blade produces convulsions followed by coma. Fatal. (large amounts, raw or cooked)

    Rosary Pea: A single pea has caused death. Castor Bean (q.v.)

    St. Ignatius' Bean: Produces convulsions. Contains brucine.

    Star of Bethlehem: Bulbs cause vomiting and nervous excitement.

    Thorne Apple: Jimson Weed(q.v.) Common cause of poisoning.

    Tomato: Vines and foliage produce digestive upset and nervous disorder. Related to Nightshade (q.v.) Contains alkaloid poisons.

    Trailing Poison Oak: Poison Ivy (q.v.)

    Upas Tree: Milky sap produces vomiting purgation and paralysis. Contains antiarin and used as arrow poison (Malaya). Fatal.

    Water Hemlock: All parts produce violent and painful convulsions. Many have died from Water Hemlock poisoning. Fatal.

    White Wooly Kombe Bean: Gabon Arrow Poison (q.v.)

    Wisteria: Seeds, pods produce digestive upset

    Yellow Oleander: Be Still Tree (q.v.)

    Yew: Foliage Death occurs without any preliminary symptoms. Fatal.

    Many people know nothing of this subject. It's easier to pull a trigger than to find a toxic poison.

    Source(s): Ties to the IDF and Mossad
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  • 5 years ago

    Guns are more Positive. More murders are committed by knife or baseball bat than by poison.

    If you want positive results poison is Not the took to get the job done.

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  • 5 years ago

    Most people wouldn't actually make a decision to kill someone and follow through with it in the time that it takes to plan something like this. The decision to kill someone else is often made in seconds, maybe even less, in the heat of the moment, with little or no thought process involved.

    That's the problem with allowing mentally unstable people and criminals to own guns. They may will kill someone in a second. In the time it would take to plan and follow through on a plot to poison someone, most of these same people would reconsider there actions and not follow through with it.

    • Lv 7
      5 years agoReport

      so how are you going to spin all of those weekly thug killings in chicago! Oh wait you dont care for real facts!

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  • LAN
    Lv 7
    5 years ago

    Why do liberals always try to mislead people with that out of context point? In the first place many of those murders are committed by gang bangers who are going to kill people know matter what weapon they have to use to do it with. Secondly every source that makes this claim never tries to eliminate the people killed in justifiable self defense. It also ignores all the deaths prevented by people using guns to frighten off would be attackers.

    Your type also ignores the fact that the highest rate of gun related deaths always occur in areas that liberals run and nearly always have the highest levels of gun control laws on the books.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Because guns are easier, and quicker. With poison you can find it in their body, but you can take a gun with you.

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  • 5 years ago

    It's hard to rob a bank with poison.

    • strpenta
      Lv 7
      5 years agoReport

      Do people even rob banks anymore or is it all computer now?

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  • 5 years ago

    I don't know; but it's a fact that about half of the *gun deaths* are suicides. That's for the sake of pain - free, certain and fast result.

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  • wrfine
    Lv 7
    5 years ago

    Poison is easy to trace. If your STUPID you leave or hide or better yet keep the Gun!!!

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    • strpenta
      Lv 7
      5 years agoReport

      Pencils, cars, and spoons ALL have multiple, useful purposes. Guns only have the one. The same testing and class time required to get a driver's license should be the same criteria for getting a gun license. Sorry if common sense make you cry.

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  • 5 years ago

    Because it's easier and quicker.

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  • Ken
    Lv 7
    5 years ago

    Bullets r cheaper

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    spoons make people fat,......hurry libs lets ban spoons and sporks!

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    • strpenta
      Lv 7
      5 years agoReport

      are you comparing per YEAR data (for hands, hammers, knives) with daily counts for gun deaths?:

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