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I want to begin surf?

I want to learn to surf even though I'm kinda young. I'm a freshman girl btw, but this question has multiple questions in it.

- This is dumb but, even though all my friends say I'm pretty and stuff, I feel embarrassed when I go places and I'm scared to run out to the shore with my surfboard looking stupid. Help me?

- I'm 90 pounds and I researched online that a 5"11 fish board would be appropriate for my weight, is that right?

- And lastly, please only answer this question if you actually surf. (not just going somewhere for the summer and going to the beach once a month, I mean you really surf) What does it feel like to surf and ride through tubes? And what advice and tips would you offer for a first time surfer? (:

Thanks! ♥


Also, I'm kind of scared of drowning when I see those videos of 100 feet deep waves.. help me there too. lol.

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    Hey! First off, you're definitely not "too young". Lots of pro surfers started getting introduced to surfing around toddler age, and I'm just starting to teach my 3 year old niece the basics. To answer your second question, most boards aren't measured by height, weight, etc. but by experience. As a beginner you definitely want to start on a longboard (7 feet and bigger) then work your way to a smaller board as you get more experienced. You should definitely start by taking a lesson. Your instructor will teach you so much and give you a great base. Also, you don't want to teach yourself because, not only is it dangerous, but you could also accidentally teach yourself bad surfing habits.

    You should totally get into surfing and work hard at it. It is so amazing and I'm not even kidding, once you start, you are hooked. Have fun! xo

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