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Asking her out with a note?

We both work at a pretty large college campus, in seasonal positions.She works in a different department than me.I am 19 years old and she is 20 years old. We have had a couple casual conversations, and know each other's names.But overall i do not know her that well.Every time i see her i try to smile and she always smiles back and sometimes waves to me.I am worried about asking her out in front of other coworkers due to the fact that she is actually my supervisor's daughter.But again this is a seasonal position that im leaving soon.(Which is actually ending in less than a month so i have a deadline to ask her out)Most of the time i see her is just in passing and there is usually several other coworkers around.(Sometimes even her dad)She works a different hours than me, and both arrives and leaves work an hour before i do.I noticed where she parks her car, and i was thinking of leaving a note on her windshield (I have a break about a half hour before she gets off). Something along the lines of:

Dear (Her Name),

I just wanted to say that i think you are incredibly beautiful, and that you have the cutest smile! I would really like to get to know you better. And I have been looking for a chance to talk to you alone, but have been having trouble finding a "good" time. So i decided to leave you this note. Anyways, give me a call or text sometime if you'd like? If not no hard feelings (My number here)

Sincerely, (My Full Name and department)

Does it look un-confident, Opinions?

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    Hello B1896,

    Hmm.. a note, you say? Hmm.. while that sounds intriguing, a note comes off as a little creepy. You notice where she parks her car? Hmm.. this might blow up in your face.

    I have been counseling people for years and from my experience a woman looks for confidence in a man. Those who have it win more often than those who don't; who shy away from the approach.

    This is what I would recommend: 1st get with your plan, get in front of a mirror and rehearse exactly what you want to say so you feel comfortable. 2nd When you see her alone or when she is with other co-workers (not her father) slightly grab her arm, just to initiate that you want her to come a certain direction, say (her name) I would like to speak to you privately. After she starts to walk with you let go of her arm and walk her towards a private area. 3rd: Say (her name) I like you. I think you are incredibly beautiful and you have the cutest smile and I would like to get to know you better, would you enjoy going out with me on a date (and then say exactly where you want to take her and a time).

    If you want the girl, you have to go after her with confidence and boldness. Woman like this a lot. It's a trait that they often look for in a man.

    I would also say "Would you enjoy going out with me" as to "like" because the word "Enjoy" implies that she will have fun with you. It's a salesman technique. ;)

    Wishing you the best! I hope you get the girl! :)

    A little point to remember: Try not to OverThink the situation. Ask in Confidence, look at her in her eyes and if possible touch her somewhere, like her hand or her shoulder when you ask her out. All these in combination will achieve a much better success.

    Now go get her! :)

    God Bless


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    I think this is a bad idea because girls want boys who are confident I asked a girl out on a note once she said no then 3 years later I asked her out in person then she said yes it's really up to you

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