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? asked in Computers & InternetSecurity · 5 years ago

did i get a drive by download?

ok so i went to this link someone posted in my stream and it download a .scr file but i quickly stopped the dowload do you think this was a driveby download? because i dont think a drive by download would download a .scr file along with the donwload

(NOTE: this is on windows 8 and i dont have ANY plugins on chrome no unity no adobe flash so yeah i need to get this awnsered because anti virus cannot detect this type of stuff! also you DONT NEED to awnser this but what can drive by dls do?

(NOTE:) I have an anti virus which scans for rootiks and i have no rootiks or cookies.

thanks guys!!!!

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  • 5 years ago
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    I recommend scanning for malware with Reason Core Security. Do a full scan and clean:

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    • B5 years agoReport

      That's incorrect. Antimalware can detect any bundled malware on your computer, assuming that the malware's signature is in its library, or that the malware fits its heuristic profiling. Reason is the most thorough antimalware out there. Give it a shot.

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