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Does this textbook use poor English?

I have a Thai friend who is learning English. I'm not a native English speaker myself but after seeing some examples of the textbook it makes me think the English used in the textbook isn't very good.

Here are two examples they've made in the textbook of how to write a paragraph about a subject. What do you have to say about them?

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    This textbook is not the worst, though if you said the sentences in it to a native English speaker, they would probably look at you weirdly. The sentences are grammatically correct, but they make use of grammatical constructions that would take even a native English speaker a bit of time to understand and process.

    I'll type out the paragraph "My Future Plan", in the way in which an English speaker might say it and include my commentary in the parentheses. You can decide whether you want to use the textbook from there.


    My future plan is to be a tour guide as it is an interesting an entertaining job

    (The fact that you find it interesting and entertaining implies that you like it).

    I like to travel to visit many important places

    (This sentence overall is very awkward and an English speaker would not write it).

    It is not boring to travel with the tourists that come from different places around the world.

    ('in' is a more localized preposition.)

    In addition, I can practice speaking many foreign languages and I can learn about different types of cultures. (There is too much distance from the subject in this sentence not to repeat it. Also, the preposition 'about' has to be used in this situation over the gerund-,teaching')

    I like meeting with people and showing them civilizations that they have never seen before.

    (Showing them out in English would mean making them leave)

    The tour guide business is a challenging job.

    (This is okay.)

    I can earn a lot of money from tips that they give me, but only if the people are pleased with my services.

    (This sentence has a condition, and should the phrase 'but only if' to convey it.)

    However, I do not want a job in the office with many bosses, because I cannot do what I want.

    (Finally should not be used here, as you are adding an addition topic. 'However' should be used because the writer is saying that he wants to be a tour guide, despite its problems, because of his dissatisfaction with office jobs.)

    Overall, my job leads me to be an interesting and entertaining person.

    (The sentence needs a concluding word, so I chose overall, as it was the best word to sum up the passage. However, the sentence, itself, does not do a good job of ending the paragraph, as it does not pull together all the points discussed prior.)

    I hope this helps you.

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      What about the other one? I think the other one have more mistakes. But thanks.

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