Is it bad to kiss a girl when you have just met her? (Repost)?

So last year I met this girl whom I really admired. It was at this inter university competition where there's games and stuff. During a social night I got the chance to talk to her. We ended up talking for a bit and spending the night together walking around town and even hooking up(no sex but we were a little drunk). But the next day when we had church she was kinda awkward towards me. I guess I kinda regret kissing her now. But is there anyway I could bounce back? Or this pretty much done. I really liked her initially because of her poetry which is what I complemented her on when we first met but I didn't think I would end up hooking up with her. Again I was abit drunk but not smashed.

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    6 years ago
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    Well normally girls regret the first kisses on the first dates, because they will feel insecure about how the guy feels, me and my current boyfriend kissed on our first date, and i was sooo scared that he will never talk to me again because i had the feeling that i seemed so cheap, but he felt just like you and made a move towards me.

    I am sure she is waiting for you to make a move just do it and see what happens, make her feel safe and secure about the kiss, that it was something that you enjoyed and that you dont see her as something cheap.

    Good luck

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